Image: Jenah Yamamoto December is here and the scopes are up. It feels like an easier time to ditch any excuses we've been nursing about whatever circumstances have been holding us back-and pull ourselves together pronto... We have Jupiter in Sagittarius for the coming year, to embrace our most expansive travel & adventure plans, or just bust out of our rut and live large with magnificent, exuberant, healthy lust for life. We have Venus in Scorpio to charge up our deepest personal power with such sustained integrity; the better to live, love, create and manifest our prosperity with fearless self belief and genuine passion. We have a Mars/Neptune situation; that could be tempting to indulge o


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So after such a wonky Venus retro in and out of your sign in recent months; you could be forgiven for thinking the rug has been pulled out from your most precious plans? Or –even worse- your normally smoking hot charisma has somehow abandoned you? Yeah, well it has sucked lately so fair enough for stressing out…aaargh? But fear not, Venus direct in your sign from Dec 4th till Jan 7th is a whole month ahead of claiming your gorgeous personal power once again! Oh yes. Suddenly your magnetic allure, powerful creative manifestation and potent self-belief comes rushing back in spades; to fuel a whole new phase of thriving in your life this month. OMG finally, you’re so read


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So Jupiter in your ideas sector has had you so busting with fab inspo about, like, everything lately. You are scheming and dreaming your broadest life plans with such visionary zeal –and yes you have a whole year ahead of this, so plenty of time to explore the amazing possibilities you are currently brewing for yourself… Which makes the New Moon in your ideas/communication sector such a brilliant reboot to be thinking clearly, setting genius fresh intentions and the kind of confident, positive communication in the world to make it all flow with beautiful ease. So gosh if you’re feeling good about your personal potential right now, I would say absolutely trust this and go f


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING So how is lucky, expansive Jupiter recently in your home sector treating you? Are you fully restless to explore new horizons with a move/long distance relocation/big property upgrade to find your ideal home? Or are you restless to shake up certain family/partner dynamics to give yourself some much needed emotional oxygen or new horizons to explore with your loved ones? Or maybe your home/family/love life is already vibing so easy & delightful, you’re just happily enjoying the ride? Because depending on the above, is how you want to grab the promising opportunities of the New Moon in your home sector of Dec 7th. Bearing in mind that you have Mars/Venus in your relationship


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Well Uranus backing out of your sign temporarily could be nice breather, to take time out from the wildly accelerated life changes/personal growth trip that has been rocking your world since May…Yes Uranus will be back soon enough to keep you growing for the next several years (get ready!) but for now you get a welcome reprieve, to catch your breath and re-group. The better to concentrate on Taurus mating season this month! Yes, you have Venus in your love sector all Dec to light up your most idealistic, highly romantic ideas of what healthy, sustainable partnership should look like. Especially with Venus on earth goddess Ceres by late month, to feel that you can really


LEO/LEO RISING The New Moon in your play/self expression sector of Dec 7th activates lucky Jupiter also there for the coming year–and you realize it’s time to have some proper fun with your life! Yes I know Saturn in your work/lifestyle sector has felt a bit heavy, like you are potentially sinking into some survival mode or boring rut… so this Moon is a brilliant reminder that anything less than fully alive is just not good enough; to reboot your positive, healthy lust for life again… It’s all about making time for healthy enjoyment of the simple things that matter –good times with family, children & friends/playful romance/creative self-expression/etc. So any opportunity to grab the tail of


CANCER/CANCER RISING The sheer scope of your professional aspirations is pretty impressive right now, it must be said. Lucky, expansive Jupiter in your work sector for the coming year has you: Totally over any restrictive, tedious day-job crap that monopolises your energy for minimum job satisfaction/the boring 9-5 or whatever. You want the freedom of lifestyle that comes with a truly autonomous, flexible gig, more than ever. Necessarily ready to challenge thyself to bust out of your comfort zone (thank you Uranus shaking up your biz sector), take a calculated risk on whatever fab venture/career path is turning you on right now and goddamn make it happen. Positive determination to thrive on


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So your ruling planet, Mercury, direct in your work sector early Dec just as Venus is lighting up this part of your chart for the whole month? Yep, it’s time to grab your best talent/stylish work wardrobe/professional charm and finesse your most positive, plausible schemes & dreams to rock the day job scenario this month: Because Mars/Neptune in your biz sector is spectacular inspiration about how to make your most visionary, meaningful career goals a reality right now. You are so tuned into the whole idea of doing something you love with your life; and how that translates as the perfect lifestyle to work, live and play on your own terms and with as much flexibility as p


ARIES/ARIES RISING Your ruling planet, Mars in your social sector for pretty much the last 6 months has required such high-energy, extrovert confidence from you; to be out and about, showing off, hustling networking opportunities and flexing your muscles in the world. Which has been fab of course, and you’re totally up for it. But after all that, it might actually be a relief to have Mars retreating into your secretive, inner soul sector this month? It’s all about self-care, regenerative recluse mode and looking within for your empowering, shamanic self-awareness. The rewards of a healthy relationship with self, inner work and whatever fills your cup spiritually –art/meditation/personal grow


PISCES/PISCES RISING Omg how fabulous to have Mars in Pisces, to rev up your raw, sexy, life affirming vitality for the whole of December! Because to the extent that Mars drives our need to achieve stuff in the world, having him lurking in your soul sector for most of the last 6 months has been kinda frustrating, right? I mean it’s been brilliant for looking within to do any necessary personal growth; the better to embrace your own internal locus of power to transform thyself and keep on growing & thriving spiritually. Yes to that, and you are the sign most likely to appreciate the profound importance of this kind of self-awareness, right? But still, any lack of actual, immediate progress in


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING December begins with Venus into your biz sector, to light up your professional and public charisma for the whole month! You are so turned on by your own potential to thrive in the world right now –as well you should be: Venus brings your most self-assured attitude to the fore. You come to terms with your most fab talent; and rather than waste time wondering if you’re good enough at it you choose to drill down and nail the best version of what you do- because you can! And of course the more you back yourself on this, the more you can pull off the kind of effective self promotion/brilliant creative expression in the world that maximises successful outcomes. And dressin


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So as someone who usually prefers to deal with tangible facts, and excels at nailing a highly pragmatic approach to things; early December is asking you to tune into your gut instincts a little bit more. Because with the New Moon of the 7th in your soul sector in sync with visionary Neptune/Mars action in your ideas sector –your spooky intuition is likely to be so on point! Best listen up to that powerful, innately intelligent, knowing inner voice of yours this month, huh? And this requires a certain mental discipline, to resist the white noise of external distractions and remain focused on whatever truly matters to you right now. Because Mars/Neptune can potential


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Could you be more thrilled to have your ruler, lucky Jupiter, lighting up your sign for the whole year ahead? Your most awesome, expansive, innate optimism & positive attitude is lit up like a light bulb right now, and you’re shining with full, exuberant brilliance. Omg you’re SO ready for this, aint nothing gonna stand in the way of you fully thriving in your life –oh yeah! But ok, this also exacerbates any tendency to reckless/hare-brained schemes, which you might want to watch (especially with Mercury retro in Sag till the 14th) . I mean you still have Saturn in your security sector, so to the extent all those big, visionary life plans of yours suddenly seem


Full Moon in Gemini coming up now, .4.30pm Nov 23rd, AEDT. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing all month; and with Mars square this Moon the feelings are gonna be quite libidinous, tetchy, hungry lust for life and rise up with rocking intensity right now! Also with expansive Jupiter in Sag opposite this Moon, we want our freedom and we want it right damn now... And of course in Gemini we're easily stimulated and have a pretty low attention span, lol. Could we be more wildly restless today??? This is fab for seizing our most insistent yearnings with the sheer force of our positive intentions, and trying valiantly to keep our focus on one, important desire/goal/w

VENUS finally BACK on TRACK!

Image: the wonderful Christian Shloe So that Venus retrograde in Scorpio, from Oct 7th-Nov 1st was pretty hardcore challenging on the most primal level, right? And then retro in Libra for the last 2 weeks has been only marginally more gentle in terms of facing, transforming & shedding crappy patterns that have been holding us back form the Dolce Vita, sweet life we crave... aaargh, thwarted yearnings and hard work much? So how fabulous to have Venus FINALLY ready to turn direct!!! Yes, but first we have to watch the 'storm phase' of Venus changing direction in the next few days... Because this new sense of forward motion can be such a powerful release point, after holding our horses/feeling


...So how was that Scorpio New Moon we're just coming out of huh? It's been primo time to take a sudden, accurate inventory of all the emotional intensity we've been facing, dealing with and purging lately -what with Jupiter revealing our full desire nature in Scorpio for the last year and that fuqing clanger of a Venus retro in Scorpio recently... OMG slaying our demons much??? I'm calling this a Phoenix Moon, cos we've had no choice but to be burnt to smithereens by our passions and transform fast -into a new, more authentic and vibrant version of ourselves. Especially with Jupiter into Sag right on this Moon-it's been go hard- living large with full positive moxy -or go home. Stepping up

JUPITER aint just FUN & GAMES...

So I've been writing lots about the thrills and easy progress coming up, wth lucky Jupiter coming home to freedom loving Sagittarius for the next 12 months. And yes it's true -the adventurous explorers, innovators, rebels and independent, sovereign souls are totally coming into their element here- Yee-hah! But we also need to look at the fact that Jupiter is asking us to bust outside of any comfort zones we've recently been languishing in -which can be challenging as hell... I mean let's face it, we are all creatures of habit in some area of our life. And even the most courageous among us can fall into our own little ruts/habits/limiting thinking/underestimating what we're capable of/dead-en


Jupiter in Sagittarius stirs up our restless, seeking wanderlust big time! ...which exotic locale, wild adventure or exploring other, wonderful cultures are you dreaming about today? Because Jupiter activated in his his native Sag for the next 12 months might just be ready to make it happen... oh yeah. Image: original photograph from National Geographic 1922; am unable to find the creator of this fab, enhanced image.


That restless, hungry feeling you've been tuning into lately? The overwhelming, impatient yearning for more expansive, positive options in your life? And serious inability to deal with even one more fuqwit laying their drama trip on you/cramping your style etc? Yep, that would be Jupiter coming home to his rulership of Sagittarius today -to wake our freedom-loving, adventurous, life-affirming moxy WAY the hell up! We're ready to bust a move on living large and embracing our wildest, most magnificent potential in the world and we don't care who knows it. OMG finally!!! Because Jupiter in Scorpio for the last year has been all about intimacy issues: What we've needed to fill our cup emotionall

VENUS in LIBRA...she's BACK!

Image: Paolo Roversi So we are midway through an epic, 6 month transit of Venus in Scorpio to stir up our most primal love, mating, money, creativity and biz instincts. And it's been a trip, especially with the tricky Venus retro, right? Oh My. But now we have Venus temporarily popping backwards into Libra for the whole of November, for a bit of Libran composure to pull ourselves together; what a relief! Bearing in mind that the first half of Nov is still Venus retrograde, so we continue with the same precautions of not rushing into any key relationship decisions/financial commitments/drastic beauty or design makeovers/romantic moves etc until Venus glides forward form mid month. it's all go