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Image: Jenah Yamamoto

December is here and the scopes are up. It feels like an easier time to ditch any excuses we've been nursing about whatever circumstances have been holding us back-and pull ourselves together pronto...

We have Jupiter in Sagittarius for the coming year, to embrace our most expansive travel & adventure plans, or just bust out of our rut and live large with magnificent, exuberant, healthy lust for life.

We have Venus in Scorpio to charge up our deepest personal power with such sustained integrity; the better to live, love, create and manifest our prosperity with fearless self belief and genuine passion.

We have a Mars/Neptune situation; that could be tempting to indulge our own louche addiction tendencies/skanky appetites or seriously dodgy lack of boundaries/shonky manipulation in our relationships. So there's some fab personal discipline right there, to overcome & slay all that nonsense huh? The better to focus our precious energy on a more conscious, disciplined approach to magically manifesting the better, more rewarding things in life. This is such a powerful opportunity to choose to transcend our crap and tune into our higher inspiration... keeping it high end is so essential right now!

More detail for your sign here. Let's make positive, life affirming choices at every opportunity this month folks. Happy December x

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