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So after such a wonky Venus retro in and out of your sign in recent months; you could be forgiven for thinking the rug has been pulled out from your most precious plans? Or –even worse- your normally smoking hot charisma has somehow abandoned you? Yeah, well it has sucked lately so fair enough for stressing out…aaargh?

But fear not, Venus direct in your sign from Dec 4th till Jan 7th is a whole month ahead of claiming your gorgeous personal power once again! Oh yes. Suddenly your magnetic allure, powerful creative manifestation and potent self-belief comes rushing back in spades; to fuel a whole new phase of thriving in your life this month. OMG finally, you’re so ready for this!!!

The better to embrace the full, positive prosperity potential of lucky Jupiter in your income sector with the New Moon of Dec 7th. It’s all about a more expansive, confident approach to making good coin in your life. Maybe it’s a fresh perspective on your current gig, to maximise the long-term benefits of doing it well? Or maybe you’re ready to pounce upon some new opportunity or career path, and you just know the sheer force of your own self-belief is going to make this one a winner? Yes, and either way your usually brilliant money savvy is even more on fire than ever–go you!

Especially with Uranus doing a last ditch shake up of your work sector until March -If you were ever going to back yourself to nail a more liberating, innovative, suitable-for-you version of the day job, and willing to take the calculated risk to make it happen? The next 3 months would be the time –honestly, if not now, when?

Meanwhile, Uranus preparing to blast into your partnership sector for the next several years (from March 2019) has you on high alert for wildly unexpected developments, to fully shake up the Scorpio love paradigm. It’s not exactly stable, but so liberating to love large with maximum authenticity. Maybe a cool new stage of the life plan with your current lover, and how you’re gong to navigate that? Or if single, a thrilling new attraction to rock your world? And you are so goddamn desirable with Venus in your sign right now-who wouldn’t want to fall madly in love/lust/infatuation with you?

Image: Kika Mulitz

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