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Well Uranus backing out of your sign temporarily could be nice breather, to take time out from the wildly accelerated life changes/personal growth trip that has been rocking your world since May…Yes Uranus will be back soon enough to keep you growing for the next several years (get ready!) but for now you get a welcome reprieve, to catch your breath and re-group.

The better to concentrate on Taurus mating season this month!

Yes, you have Venus in your love sector all Dec to light up your most idealistic, highly romantic ideas of what healthy, sustainable partnership should look like. Especially with Venus on earth goddess Ceres by late month, to feel that you can really take the time to cultivate the kind of healthy, grounded, mutually nurturing relationship in your life that you adore. The kind of slow burn, deeply authentic, physically and emotionally satisfying loving that is coming up now is so your thing!

And the New Moon of the 7th in your sex/intimacy sector is perfect for sparking up fresh seduction energy to this end. You discover a renewed bond with your lover, and maybe remember what brought you together in the first place and how to build on that –because lucky Jupiter involved wants you to grow together into the next, beautifully expansive chapter of this relationship. And if single, you are romantically confident enough to magnetise a fab new attraction with real potential –and I tell you what; the chances of them blowing in from distant shores/calling you on a big travel adventure or just thrilling emotional openness outside your usual comfort zone are so good. Buckle up and prepare to be delighted by the rewards of loving and living large…

Meanwhile Mars/Neptune in your social sector is ideally super clear intuition about your chosen tribe of friends. The people who really turn you on/inspire your brilliance show up and provide the most beautifully unconditional support -as you do for them, so lovely. But also, any dodgy/slimy frenemy situations, bad influences or dissatisfaction with mixing in the wrong scene reveal themselves with stunning clarity –and prime time to set real clear boundaries about who you hang out with, right???

And career is all about hustling proper, prosperous coin for what you do, which is your core competency of course so should be a breeze x

Image: Antonio Mora

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