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Your ruling planet, Mars in your social sector for pretty much the last 6 months has required such high-energy, extrovert confidence from you; to be out and about, showing off, hustling networking opportunities and flexing your muscles in the world. Which has been fab of course, and you’re totally up for it. But after all that, it might actually be a relief to have Mars retreating into your secretive, inner soul sector this month?

It’s all about self-care, regenerative recluse mode and looking within for your empowering, shamanic self-awareness. The rewards of a healthy relationship with self, inner work and whatever fills your cup spiritually –art/meditation/personal growth/divine inspo etc are so rich right now…

Especially with Mars on top of spooky Neptune, for the New Moon in your adventure sector on Dec 7th. This is primo time to be so clear about your most visionary, expansive plans for your life –because with lucky Jupiter on board for the coming year they could totally happen! Especially with Mars into your sign bang on Jan 1st for a fiercely confident, brilliantly auspicious start to 2019!

But for the moment, it all starts with crystal clear intentions within yourself, magical manifestation mojo and the ability to follow through with full integrity, of course.

Meanwhile Venus in your sex/intimacy sector all month has gotta be good for the Aries love life, right? You enjoy a sweet, intensely romantic level of bonding with your lover –maybe re-discovering the art of seducing each other (emotionally & physically) all over again. Or if single, much higher odds of attracting someone gorgeous into your orbit-actually they’re likely to be making a starring appearance in your actual bedroom if Venus has her way, lol.

And this is also an excellent chance to finesse any financial negotiations going on. I mean no offence, but you do tend to charge into these things headfirst and maybe slightly oblivious to other people’s agendas, huh? But now you get that certain significant biz developments require a savvy, pragmatic eye to the subtle undercurrents around you; and how a smooth, charming, savvy approach on your part could really hustle the kind of win/win $ scenarios to help you fully prosper-so good!

Image: I have searched high and low, but unable to find the source for this stunning image

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