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So Jupiter in your ideas sector has had you so busting with fab inspo about, like, everything lately. You are scheming and dreaming your broadest life plans with such visionary zeal –and yes you have a whole year ahead of this, so plenty of time to explore the amazing possibilities you are currently brewing for yourself…

Which makes the New Moon in your ideas/communication sector such a brilliant reboot to be thinking clearly, setting genius fresh intentions and the kind of confident, positive communication in the world to make it all flow with beautiful ease. So gosh if you’re feeling good about your personal potential right now, I would say absolutely trust this and go for it –you’re so on the right track!

Meanwhile you have your ruling planet, Venus lighting up your income sector till January; to fully finesse the process of savvy, creative earning potential that you have been focused on since early September. Because the recent Venus retro here might have felt like a major setback/financial dramas you feared might bring you undone? Fear not, Venus is so back on track right now and all is well –if you remain focused, clear of mind and willing to adapt to any recent developments. Especially by the Full Moon of the 23rd, you want to have your vocational instincts so on point, for taking maximum advantage of the cool opportunities coming your way. Yes, well done you -you can totally pull this off...

So on that note we need to talk about Mars/Venus in your work sector early Dec. I mean what with the Destiny Point in your biz sector, you’re yearning for the most fully inspiring version of the Libran career and life path -excellent. It could be just the inspo you need to do the work, finesse your plans with clear professional intentions and thrive big time! But also, you do remain vigilant about stoopid hare brained biz schemes/slacking off on the day job cos you know, you just can’t be bothered/louche lifestyle choices-especially indulging any addiction or intoxicated nonsense to fuq with your clarity. No no no, those kind of choices are so not your friend right now –um wonk out at your peril.

Meanwhile, love? Jupiter says exuberant flirting and a big generosity of spirit in any romantic dialogues is a pretty good start. Especially with Uranus shaking up your love life big time right now-it aint so much about so-called predictable stability but loving large, fearlessly? Absolutely yes!

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