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Omg how fabulous to have Mars in Pisces, to rev up your raw, sexy, life affirming vitality for the whole of December!

Because to the extent that Mars drives our need to achieve stuff in the world, having him lurking in your soul sector for most of the last 6 months has been kinda frustrating, right? I mean it’s been brilliant for looking within to do any necessary personal growth; the better to embrace your own internal locus of power to transform thyself and keep on growing & thriving spiritually. Yes to that, and you are the sign most likely to appreciate the profound importance of this kind of self-awareness, right? But still, any lack of actual, immediate progress in the world has maybe become a bit tiresome recently?

So Mars in your sign this month is such a relief- you are riding a wave of high-energy, high frequency, sheer personal confidence & positive determination to go chase your dreams & desires no matter what… so good!

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 7th is a brilliant shot in the arm for your professional/biz goals –especially syncing with Mars energising your income sector for a bit of financially confident ambition. It’s primo time to think big and work your most visionary schemes and ambitions to full effect.

Also because Mars on your spooky ruler Neptune around the 7th is such a crucial time to tune into your highest inspiration, and fully rock that magical manifestation power of yours. Yes you have an uncanny ability to swan around doing whatever you love, fluke perfect, synchronistic opportunities and prosper just because you believe you can- no one else knows how the fuq you do it but gosh you do it well! Ok yes, but Neptune/Mars can vibe spectacularly wonky if you’re not careful, so do guard against any delusional/intoxicated nonsense right now. It’s prime time to sort the wildly genius intentions in your life from the merely delusional, right?

And Venus in your adventure sector is pretty restless in love & life. Exploring new, expansive experiences/fresh horizons with your lover to enjoy together? Or if single, a flash crush/attraction thrillingly outside your comfort zone -or even a long distance romance unfolding?

Image: Christian Dior, Vogue - January 1978, Photographed by Chris Von Wangenheim

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