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The sheer scope of your professional aspirations is pretty impressive right now, it must be said. Lucky, expansive Jupiter in your work sector for the coming year has you:

  1. Totally over any restrictive, tedious day-job crap that monopolises your energy for minimum job satisfaction/the boring 9-5 or whatever. You want the freedom of lifestyle that comes with a truly autonomous, flexible gig, more than ever.

  2. Necessarily ready to challenge thyself to bust out of your comfort zone (thank you Uranus shaking up your biz sector), take a calculated risk on whatever fab venture/career path is turning you on right now and goddamn make it happen. Positive determination to thrive on your own terms is your new thing, and you love it!

So your annual New Moon in your day job sector of Dec 7th, to reboot your work ethic is even more motivating than it would normally be. You tune into Mars/Neptune in your adventure to allow your most kooky, magically inspired schemes & goals to guide you onwards & upwards. Yes, you’re ready to bust a move on living large and chase your dreams in the world –go you.

Also because Venus in your self-expression sector all month is great for coming to terms with where your best talent lies right now; how to nurture the creative process to enjoy getting even better at it, and any necessary self-promotion to let the world know what cool stuff you’re up to. Or anything that fills your cup creatively or having fun just for the sake of it –just because it’s life affirming and good for the soul- is exquisitely rewarding this month.

Meanwhile, Venus is also revving up your romantic charismatic big time all Dec. You are putting out such playful, delightfully flirty vibes; you’re bound to have a good time with your lover for a healthy, emotionally nurturing, renewed connection. Or if single, lure someone new just cos you’re so damn gorgeous right now?

Then the Cancer Full Moon of the 23rd reminds you how good it feels to remain true to thyself, with that full emotional authenticity you do so well. The better to explore the genuine, long term commitment potential of Saturn in your love sector for the next few years…knowing what you want from love and prepared to walk your talk on that is, increasingly, such a good look….

Image: - Thomas Lagrange photography

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