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So your ruling planet, Mercury, direct in your work sector early Dec just as Venus is lighting up this part of your chart for the whole month? Yep, it’s time to grab your best talent/stylish work wardrobe/professional charm and finesse your most positive, plausible schemes & dreams to rock the day job scenario this month:

Because Mars/Neptune in your biz sector is spectacular inspiration about how to make your most visionary, meaningful career goals a reality right now. You are so tuned into the whole idea of doing something you love with your life; and how that translates as the perfect lifestyle to work, live and play on your own terms and with as much flexibility as possible for a professionally and personally rewarding scenario. Yes I know this sounds massively ambitious but it’s so much more likely to manifest right now if you play your cards right, don’t you know?

But you do want to avoid losing your brilliant Mars vitality to the classic Neptunian pitfalls of procrastination/ daydreaming ridiculous hare brained schemes/drinking when you could be working or hungover biz meetings type substance abuse/flaky self sabotage, obviously. This is totally your time to shine, professionally and you want to keep it sharp, savvy and high end, right? Good.

Meanwhile the New Moon in your love sector of Dec 7th is such an easy, positive, promising opportunity to embrace your best relationship potential; what with lucky Jupiter involved. You have a whole year ahead of broadening your romantic horizons, and yes this could involve charging off on some wildly exciting new love affair or even a travel adventure to spice things up with your lover. Or it could just be as simple as loving the person you care about with a bigger, more open hearted generosity huh, and how beautiful is that?

And the Full Moon of the 23rd is cool inspo to seize some kind of autonomous income/financial freedom from the jaws of any dumb debt or tedious money entanglements you’ve been struggling with lately. I mean Saturn does have your number in terms of necessary financial discipline/honouring your commitments for sure; but there’s always a smarter, more innovative way to work it to your advantage –and you want to listen to our genius intuition about this by late Dec.

Image: Belu y Azul de LO mgmt, Editorial for Catalogue Magazine

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