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So how is lucky, expansive Jupiter recently in your home sector treating you? Are you fully restless to explore new horizons with a move/long distance relocation/big property upgrade to find your ideal home? Or are you restless to shake up certain family/partner dynamics to give yourself some much needed emotional oxygen or new horizons to explore with your loved ones? Or maybe your home/family/love life is already vibing so easy & delightful, you’re just happily enjoying the ride?

Because depending on the above, is how you want to grab the promising opportunities of the New Moon in your home sector of Dec 7th. Bearing in mind that you have Mars/Venus in your relationship sector influencing this moon; so there will be an element of clarifying emotional dynamics & healthy boundaries with family/co-habs/partners going on, to ideally harmonise your home vibe. There is such a lovely, fresh new energy to seize the domestic bliss you deserve and it looks like you’re ready to embrace it –so good!

And Mars/Neptune is also rocking your love life generally in early Dec. This is:

  1. Classic astro for divine, soulmate synergy with someone special. Maybe you tune into your lover/partner with even more exquisite mutual understanding than ever, to romance the socks off one another? Or if single, maybe weird & wonderful synchronicity brings a seemingly random, magical meeting or attraction that is karmic as fuq & so intriguingly promising…

  2. Also classic astro for headfuq romantic confusion, drama & wildly incoherent mixed messages flying around! And maybe a tiny bit of fibbing, if not careful? If in doubt about some potentially loony/delusional love scenario… I would be setting your emo boundaries pronto and you know, get a grip!

And your superpower here is Venus in your communication sector. Your most gorgeous, suave, sparkly, romantically intelligent dialogue is what’s going to nurture your current partnership beautifully, or if single lure someone close with some hypnotically effective flirtation… use this magnetic allure of yours wisely, right?

Then the Full Moon of the 23rd is cool energy to bond with your tribe of friends, go shine on the social scene or maybe network the hell out of some professional/creative opportunity –yes you can, go you!

Image: Laura Makabresku

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