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The New Moon in your play/self expression sector of Dec 7th activates lucky Jupiter also there for the coming year–and you realize it’s time to have some proper fun with your life!

Yes I know Saturn in your work/lifestyle sector has felt a bit heavy, like you are potentially sinking into some survival mode or boring rut… so this Moon is a brilliant reminder that anything less than fully alive is just not good enough; to reboot your positive, healthy lust for life again…

It’s all about making time for healthy enjoyment of the simple things that matter –good times with family, children & friends/playful romance/creative self-expression/etc. So any opportunity to grab the tail of whatever truly inspires you and run with it is so worth following up, just because it’s good for thy soul.

And speaking of romance, early Dec also triggers spooky, magical Mars/Neptune action in your sex/intimacy sector. Oh my, you are so much more likely to be crazy distracted by some kind of intoxicating love connection –that may or may not make logical sense, lol. Yes there are weirdly karmic, fascinating, strangely synchronistic developments going on in your closest relationships right now. And sorting the powerful, magnetically sexy soul mate connections from the merely delusional entanglements is your current emotional learning curve!

Ooh la la because if you get it right, with someone genuinely special it could be a spectacular, profound, magically passionate love connection coming at you this month. But also (obviously) watch out for any delusional, bonkers attraction fantasies going on, right? Keep that big Leo heart of yours open but also keep your level head screwed on –the rewards of this fine balance could be truly amazing.

Meanwhile, we do have to talk about steady Saturn in your work sector vs Uranus preparing to fully shake up your biz sector. To the extent you intuit that you are about to embark on some wildly liberating, game changing new phase of your career/life path? God yes…it’s totally brewing! So in the meantime you do due diligence on your current gig/professional commitments/getting the practical logistics right as a solid foundation for the future: you are about to unleash your brilliance upon the world big time, so best be ready for that huh?

Image: the extraordinary, wonderful Gregory Colbert

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