Full Moon in Libra, exact 11.36pm March 31st, AEDT. Full Moons are a rising up of whatever feelings are going on, and in Libra it's about the quality of relationships in our life -and squaring off a feisty Mars/Saturn vibe to keep it real: Libra energy always seeks harmonious & pleasing interactions, because human connection is important to us and we're prepared to make the effort to deal with any emotional issues coming up in our relationships accordingly. So even though we have retrograde Mercury involved, throwing some potential clangers into our dialogues (yep the whole communication thing could be crazy tricky for the next few weeks); we have ample opportunities for gracious, considerat


PISCES/PISCES RISING You are so looking forward to Dr Chiron, the healer getting out of your hair from April 22nd, after 8 years in your sign! Not because it’s been a negative thing -it’s been great and all drilling down on your core wounding issues, how to heal them and the necessary personal growth involved in getting your shizz together, over the last 8 years. Gosh it’s been a trip, and now you get to look back and see how far you’ve come in that time-you’re all shiny, authentic and more self aware than ever-well done you! But also phew, it’s been kind of exhausting as well- so how good is it to drop that particular chapter from late April and move forward into a new, well-earned phase of


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING So the Mars/Saturn vibe of early April is all about cultivating a powerful internal locus of power for yourself for the rest of the month. You’re all about taking responsibility for your own spiritual wellbeing and not in a fluffy way; you’re ideally doing the hard yards of looking within for the disciplined spiritual practice, personal growth and self-aware behaviour in a way that is both beautifully grown up and pretty magical actually. You’re lit up like a light bulb and positively shamanic! Great, because the New Moon of the 16th with Mercury direct invites you to set some clear, fresh intentions for yourself and clear lines of communication with whoever is impor


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Well it’s always nice to have Mars in your sign (from March 18-May 15th) for a blast of raw energy and self-assurance to move forward, and this one is particularly dynamic: April begins with a Mars/Saturn hook up to set the tone of fierce intentions for the month. Saturn, your ruling planet recently in your sign is all about that capacity of yours for ultra pragmatic plans and the steady, unstoppable discipline to pull them off; which makes you such a success machine and only more so over the next few years. Yes, and Mars is a blast of ferocious motivation and work ethic to make this a particularly productive month –excellent. And also to the extent Saturn can some


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Ok we need to talk about the fact that practical financial management is not exactly your strong point: Do admit you are the sign most likely to make big coin but let it slip through your fingers at an alarming rate-and continually wondering how such a savvy little hustler as yourself can be constantly on the brink of broke? And/or too busy gallivanting around, refusing to work for the man or submit to the bourgeois work ethic and subsequently constantly having to rely on your innate lucky, magnanimous, trusting-the-universe thing to hopefully reward your talent. And ok you love the bohemian freedom this involves and you do nail the magical manifestation more o


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So if you’ve been entertaining any limiting beliefs about yourself lately; what with Saturn up in your face with boring old judgemental self-talk or stalled dialogues with certain judgemental/control freaky people? Over it much? Well you’re going to love Mars turning up in early April; to smash all that with a renewed, positive self-assurance about what’s really important to you. You grab the courage of your convictions and work any life decisions accordingly, with that bolshie self-determination you do so well! And same goes for any key discussions going on in your life right now -they are about to move forward with a nice, mutually empowering new clarity. But you hav


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING I tell you what; the Mars/Uranus action in your home sector of early April could have you questioning your domestic scenario big time! You’re kind of obsessed by security issues around home and family, and madly nailing down some kind of stable haven for yourself –yes it’s happening. But also restless as hell and craving change, because you correctly intuit it’s time for some real, kick-ass personal transformation and the most authentic home base from which to do it. Also yes, and you’ll be best placed to bust some kind of move on this when Mars energises Pluto at the end of the month-so a bit of time up your sleeve to scheme the domestic makeover. Meanwhile the transforma


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING The Mars/Saturn vibe in your self-expression sector early April is interesting, in that it forces you to confront any lingering doubt about your personal magnificence head on: I mean to the extent you tend to be a unique mixture of unflappable composure and neurotic, perfectionist self-criticism at the best of times; Saturn has had you drilling down on some hard yakka self-improvement programmes lately-putting pressure on yourself much? So it’s fab that Mars is bringing a bit of brave, brazen confidence to the mix this month; it honestly is time to believe in yourself with real, unconditional self acceptance for a change –you’re worth it don’t you know! And the better to b


LEO/LEO RISING Professional ambition much? I mean wow, there’s no denying the ferocity of Mars energising achievement-hungry Saturn in your work sector in early April: Because you’re already primed to flaunt your brilliance, after a few months of Mars revving up your talent/self-promotion sector recently (as if a natural show pony like yourself needed an excuse, lol). And now your genius, sharp eye for cool opportunities to do so comes to the fore; you are sussing out a genuinely realistic game plan and suddenly ready to be the success machine you’ve been dreaming of! Ok, but to the extent you’re all fired up to get ahead you also get that there’s going to be some hard yakka involved. Yep, n


CANCER/CANCER RISING The Mars/Saturn action of early March places your attention firmly on Cancerian relationships, and best strap in for an interesting ride-it’s fiery! To the extent you’ve had Saturn into your partnership sector since Christmas; you’re settling into a slow, steady process of evaluating your broader issues around commitment, compatibility and the long-term viability of various important connections in your life/general romantic aspirations. Which is great, and a few years left to sort it out. But for the moment, impatient Mars firing up Saturn around April 2nd lights the proverbial firecracker under this process- it’s suddenly all about passionate instincts and impatient, i


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Venus ducking into your soul sector early month may have you feeling a little more romantically introverted for the moment? More precisely, you are taking time to tune into your most subtle instincts about love; you are actually craving some kind of mystical connection, spiritual recognition, dare I say it soulmating thrill –anything less may leave you frankly uninspired to be honest. Which is lovely that you are open to a more meaningful love-and ok it’s somewhat more likely to present in it’s own mysterious ways; but yearnings like this may or may not be realistic right now, of course… So thank goodness for randy Mars meeting commitment oriented Saturn in your sex/inti


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Your ruling planet, Venus freshly into Taurus is a most auspicious beginning to the month; with her lovely wiles lushing up your talent, beauty and romantic charisma until April 25th. You’re all sparkly, confident and ready to go: And it’s just as well you are being primed to polish your romantic expression all month – it’s preparing you for the Full Moon of the 30th in your love sector! By the end of the month you have a chance to be at your raw, emotionally authentic best and spread around some of that easy, honest affection that your loved ones adore about you. And perhaps a chance to take a particular, special connection further; I mean with expansive, lucky in love


ARIES/ARIES RISING Your ruler Mars meeting Saturn in your biz sector on March 2nd clues you in to some serious career developments, and the formidable willpower required to pull this particular brand of worldly success off. Your vibe is highly ambitious and no way is anyone going to mess with your brilliant aspirations; but you do know this requires a savvy, pragmatic relationship with power and authority right? Perhaps you relate to any boss figures in your professional life with a more intelligent, respectfully empowered attitude or perhaps YOU are wielding more power and authority in the world (or your own biz empire), and handling this with maximum integrity? Yep and this learning curve


So to the degree we've been bursting with enthusiasm, cool ideas and communication initiatives since Mercury marched into Aries March 6th; now that Mercury has wobbled retrograde since the 22nd we're all sooky because our brilliant momentum feels temporarily thwarted? And sure, Aries is a shockingly impatient energy with which to deal with any setbacks or enforced patience. But slow down, cultivate equilibrium and review the details we must; if we want to finesse the plan and eventually move forward on a sharper, more perfect footing -which is what this transit is all about of course. Because I always feel that Mercury retro is a brilliant opportunity to score a genuinely innovative, fresh p


Pisces New Moon 0.11am March 18th AEDT, so we have a fresh perspective coming up for a lovely week ahead. New Moons are always an emotional renewal; and especially in Pisces it's an oceanic rush of feelings to bring us into emotional congruence and extra especially with the healer Chiron involved it's all about beautiful personal growth, for a greater sense of holistic wellbeing. So all we have to do is honestly feel the feelings coming up right now with minimum analysis, fuss or drama and simply allow them to reveal themselves to us. There is a glorious vulnerability about simply being present for our needs and emo moods (yes even the painful or challenging ones). Because Dr Chiron wants to


Venus is now strutting her stuff in Aries- for a brighter personal confidence from March 7th-April 1st. And the thing about Aries is that fierce, uncompromising warrior spirit to go after whatever really matters to us with fiery lust for life, and not distracted by the trivial details -let alone breaking our stride to explain ourselves to the world. Thus do we seize the Venusian imperatives of love, beauty and art for the rest of the month: So when it comes to love, we are clear and romantically courageous about our intentions; if we care we're not afraid to say so and follow up with passionate, definitive demonstrations of our affection (anything less is just playing games and we can't real


Full Moon in Virgo coming up, exact 11.50am March 2nd, 11.50am AEDT. Full Moons are about our emotional truth rising up the better to feel it more authentically. And with the clean cut, perfectionist energy of Virgo there's probably lots of 'messy' feelings we are valiantly trying to micro-manage; and maybe need to get down and dirty and actually deal with?? Yes, and also keeping it classy with all the Virgo finesse available to us right now. And this is where the fab combination of Neptune and Saturn on this Moon comes in: Neptune is super heightened sensitivity, so we are exquisitely attuned to the most subtle energies around us. Whether its love, relationships, spirituality, creative flow


ARIES/ARIES RISING I’m just saying that the Full Moon of the 2nd is best approached as fab prep for the phenomenal vocational prospects of mid-March onwards… Because whilst this Moon is all about dreamy Neptune in your soul sector; where you tune into the inner landscape for spiritual guidance/shamanic insights and personal growth/connecting with your creative muse –it’s actually in your work/day job sector! Which means that you best channel all that inspiration toward intentionally manifesting your dreams in the real world, with as much pragmatic nous as you can muster. Because the surging ambition that is your ruling planet, Mars, heading toward Saturn in your biz sector from mid month is


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Well it’s lovely that the month begins with a Full Moon in your self-expression sector that is all about your own personal, shiny self-confidence to propel you into March. I mean what with Venus/Mercury in your social sector you have the sparkly wit and charisma to network the hell out of whatever scene you’re moving in; to get noticed & show off for fun, bonding with your tribe and maybe to your professional/creative advantage? The rewards of this will become clearer by the New Moon of the 17th; where you embrace the healing power of finding your niche in the world, with a lovely support network of like-minded souls who really appreciate you –this so brings out the best


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING The Full Moon of the 2nd brings into sharp focus how much a satisfying, fulfilling home/personal base is important for your emotional well being right now. You thrive when your domestic environment/family dynamic/feng shui etc is harmonious and emotionally congruent; and you are superbly, finely tuned as to how to get this right in early March. Even if this means addressing any issues going on the better to resolve them; perhaps speaking up more frankly about your feelings vs your usual cryptic style (no offence) or taking some outburst/passionate declaration from a loved one at face value rather than overanalysing it? You’re more onto it than you realize if you keep it