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Full Moon in Libra, exact 11.36pm March 31st, AEDT.

Full Moons are a rising up of whatever feelings are going on, and in Libra it's about the quality of relationships in our life -and squaring off a feisty Mars/Saturn vibe to keep it real:

Libra energy always seeks harmonious & pleasing interactions, because human connection is important to us and we're prepared to make the effort to deal with any emotional issues coming up in our relationships accordingly. So even though we have retrograde Mercury involved, throwing some potential clangers into our dialogues (yep the whole communication thing could be crazy tricky for the next few weeks); we have ample opportunities for gracious, considerate gestures to resolve and ameliorate any misunderstandings beautifully right now.

Because Saturn reveals whatever control freaky or emotionally repressed dynamics have been irking us lately and Mars brings the clear, assertive confidence to speak up and work it the hell out!

To the extent Saturn is determined to drum into us more serious, grown-up, authentic relating skills; this means getting over ourselves & resist the temptation to fuq it up by pulling any dreary old power trips/passive aggressive shiz when the going gets tough (I know right)? Luckily the steadying influence of Venus into Taurus lends us the patience to do so with the lush, loved up sweetness to talk it through/demonstrate our commitment to our loved ones with tangible acts of kindness & mutual support.

The better to cultivate closer connections and mutual understanding in our lives no matter what-and that is the real gift of the astro this week. So if you have any tricky relationships/intimate scenarios/ dialogues/negotiations you want to get back on track right now, this Moon could be the perfect opportunity!

Happy Libra Full Moon everyone, let's do this x

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