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So the Mars/Saturn vibe of early April is all about cultivating a powerful internal locus of power for yourself for the rest of the month. You’re all about taking responsibility for your own spiritual wellbeing and not in a fluffy way; you’re ideally doing the hard yards of looking within for the disciplined spiritual practice, personal growth and self-aware behaviour in a way that is both beautifully grown up and pretty magical actually. You’re lit up like a light bulb and positively shamanic!

Great, because the New Moon of the 16th with Mercury direct invites you to set some clear, fresh intentions for yourself and clear lines of communication with whoever is important to you right now. And with your ruler Uranus involved you know you’re not mucking around –you’re sparking off awesome, game changing new ideas, schemes and dialogues in your life and you want to be awake, deliberate and ready to get this right huh?

Also because you’re preparing for your ruler, Uranus to shake up your home sector big time (for several years) from mid May. Never have you been so ready for that big relocation or real estate opportunity you’ve been dreaming of and/or redefining the domestic & family dynamic with a healthy new authenticity… it’s coming ready or not so might as well have an adaptable, liberated and clear attitude to your home life ready to go… Venus in your home sector until the 26th helps; with some lovely energy for your personal relationships and working toward affording the home sanctuary you’re aiming for.

And then you have the New Moon in your biz sector of the 30th. Big, genius instincts about the Aqua career will be revealed by late April; which you can finesse for the next few months and then totally act on when lucky Jupiter moves forward from mid June. Preparation is everything here!

And also the New Moon of the 30th engages the Destiny Point in your love sector. Romantically you’re thinking big about someone who really matters to you, and yes this could absolutely be unfolding long term! Or if single you just focus properly on the big biz/professional life plan for better biz connections and also, and someone romantically promising is just as likely to turn up on the job, actually.

Image: Glamour France, Emma Sjoberg by Thierry Le Goues

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