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Well it’s always nice to have Mars in your sign (from March 18-May 15th) for a blast of raw energy and self-assurance to move forward, and this one is particularly dynamic:

April begins with a Mars/Saturn hook up to set the tone of fierce intentions for the month. Saturn, your ruling planet recently in your sign is all about that capacity of yours for ultra pragmatic plans and the steady, unstoppable discipline to pull them off; which makes you such a success machine and only more so over the next few years. Yes, and Mars is a blast of ferocious motivation and work ethic to make this a particularly productive month –excellent.

And also to the extent Saturn can sometimes have you a little morose and hard on yourself; Mars is a fab, positive reminder to fuq that right off and confront any self-doubt with your most positive, passionate life-affirming attitude instead. Living large on your own, most authentic terms feels so good right now!

Because Mars on bitch Lilith around the 18th, straight after a New Moon in your home sector is pretty great for claiming more genuine, raw connections in your personal life. You’re after nothing less than honest, mutual respect to bond with the people closest to you –family/friends/lovers etc all benefit from this renewed clarity with you.

And then Mars/Pluto around the 27th is hot! It certainly helps you chase your life goals with the fierce, unapologetic determination you’ve been brewing all month, which is satisfying. But mainly prepares you for the sexy New Moon of the 30th, where the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector unleashes your passionate side. Seductive opportunities abound to connect more deeply with your lover, or if single magnetise someone promising to your side –and either way it could be long term love potential you are brewing right now, don’t you know?

Image: Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Paolo Roversi - Vogue Italia

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