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You are so looking forward to Dr Chiron, the healer getting out of your hair from April 22nd, after 8 years in your sign! Not because it’s been a negative thing -it’s been great and all drilling down on your core wounding issues, how to heal them and the necessary personal growth involved in getting your shizz together, over the last 8 years. Gosh it’s been a trip, and now you get to look back and see how far you’ve come in that time-you’re all shiny, authentic and more self aware than ever-well done you!

But also phew, it’s been kind of exhausting as well- so how good is it to drop that particular chapter from late April and move forward into a new, well-earned phase of confident personal potential?

Because meanwhile the New Moon of the 16th turns your attention toward the practical realities of income creation. With Mercury direct you’re full of cool new schemes and they’re so genius, rut-busting innovative it’s amazing! I mean with Uranus involved I wouldn’t exactly call your earning situation stable mid month, and you may or may not be fully in control of any fluxy finances going on which could be a tiny bit challenging. But really, whatever scenarios are forcing change are inviting you to shake up and re-evaluate the Pisces money paradigm in a good way! It’s embracing the new, rather than shying away from it that gets you ahead right now for sure.

Also because the Full Moon of the 30th is in your adventure sector, so given how crazy restless you will by the end of the month it’s great that you’ll already be cultivating a more flexible attitude to funding a freer, more liberated lifestyle by then right?

And love is all about Venus in your communication sector all month –you cultivate the best romantic connections with the sweetness of your words. Perhaps a great month to open up a more loving dialogue with your lover, to reach a nicer mutual understanding to move forward. Or if single/on the prowl it’s all about the power of flirt! Don’t underestimate the effect of a well-placed compliment, smooth come-on or sparkly conversation with someone cute to generate interest right now…

Image: Thomas Lagrange for Vogue Paris

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