2018 is here, it's looking good and the January scopes are up to get us ready for this most liberating New Year... We have Saturn out of Sagittarius to release whatever wanderlust and autonomous, rebellious, free spirited lust for life we may have been repressing over the last few years. There might be a few of us spreading our wings and living large again -perhaps with a more solid sense of personal sovereignty and joy de vivre then ever! Because Saturn newly in Capricorn is a deeply honest sense of personal integrity and respectful accountability for our actions, to help us move forward with fabulously clear intentions this year. Not to mention the most on-point biz savvy and grounded prag


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING Welcome to 2018, and the BIG news is the joy of your ruling planet, Saturn making himself at home in your sign for the next 2 1/2 years! Oh boy, I bet you’re feeling a primal urge to conquer any limiting beliefs/circumstances that have been bugging you recently with a rockingly empowered new self discipline; for a lovely sense of personal integrity and the brilliant worldly success that comes with it. Yep, January is just the beginning of all this, so plenty of time to align with any fierce new ambition rising up, prepare the game plan and get started–it’s going to be a trip! Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 2nd is in your love sector and all over love goddess Venus


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Welcome to 2018 and welcome to the fabulosity that is lucky Jupiter in your biz sector until November! You are getting your head around a broader, more expansive view of what you are professionally capable of –and the positive outlook & personal freedom that comes from that, and it feels so good. Because meanwhile Mars energising Jupiter in early January is an auspicious beginning to the year; in that you allow yourself to be properly excited about the endless vocational possibilities pinging around in that kaleidoscopic, inventive brain of yours and enlisting whatever elbow grease/tireless determination is required to make it happen-because you’re that turned on by


PISCES/PISCES RISING Welcome to 2018, and how fab that it begins with an inspiring Full Moon in your play/talent/self expression sector –where you get that the coming year looks like fun, and you’re ready to get started enjoying this in the following ways: Jupiter in your adventure sector till November is a restless, relentless yearning to expand your horizons, which may be wanderlust/brewing some cool new travel plans or some academic/upskilling bender to grow professionally or you’re ready for some delicious, rebellious kicking against whatever has been holding you back lately, just because you’re a free spirit and determined to thrive on your own terms–so there! So Mars energising this i


ARIES/ARIES RISING Welcome to 2018 and welcome to the brilliant, challenging potential of Saturn in your biz sector for the next few years. You are about to really come to terms with whatever professional goals are currently important to you, how far you’ve come and how much work you’ve got left to do to nail it. Or even a whole new career trajectory you’re just getting your head around and, again, how much elbow grease it’s about to take to pull it off? This is tough but amazingly promising astro for that Aries ambition of yours! I mean for goodness sake you have the Destiny Point in your talent sector being supported by earth mother Ceres; so your capacity to do whatever you’re good at wit


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Welcome to 2018, and your starting point may be to count the valuable lessons you have learned about love, desire, partnership and workable commitment in the last five years? Taskmaster Saturn has been banging away at your relationship skills for a while now, and presumably you are so much the wiser about the most important connections in your life. So perhaps you are ensconced in a solid partnership at this point/or working toward one with someone just as emotionally steadfast as you –thanks to the proper emotional growth and perseverance of recent years. Or you have a clearer set of boundaries around your emotional needs/what you do and don’t want if you are looking fo


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Welcome to 2018 and welcome to Saturn finally out of your love sector! It’s kind of a relief that the relentless lessons of the last few years around commitment, compatibility and accountability in your closest relationships have lifted huh? And to the extent you have set healthy emotional boundaries, realistic expectations and a capacity for sustained, faithful intimacy where required, you’ve nailed it! And ready to enjoy more rewarding partnership/seduction skills/personal interaction generally, with all this new relational genius of yours. Or happily self-sufficient travels until something really worthwhile turns up –because you’re kind of all or nothing right now, in


CANCER/CANCER RISING Welcome to 2018 and the Cancer Full Moon of Jan 2nd is a fab starting point, to align yourself emotionally with your best, crystal clear intentions for the year ahead. It’s all about that famous emotional congruence & spookily on point instincts of yours to guide you forward. So with Venus in your partnership sector all over this Moon and Saturn newly in your partnership sector AND the New Moon in your partnership sector of the 17th even more Venusian/love ruled: you guessed it, a big theme unfolding right now is the quality of your relationships… You are really getting your head around accountability, stability, commitment issues and longevity in your most important int


LEO/LEO RISING Welcome to 2018 and welcome to Saturn newly in your day job sector, rocking a surprisingly fierce ethic for the next few years. You might be amazed how solid your resolve is becoming about long term success and how readily you can suddenly access the kind of elbow grease required to get you there… Takmaster Saturn says professional determination, accountability, perseverance and finesse is your new superpower-and you might as well embrace it, because in any case it’s futile to resist the tug of renewed Leo ambition calling your name right now! Especially because a big theme of 2018 is Uranus in your biz sector from May; a once in a lifetime transit likely to knock your socks o


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Welcome to 2018 and welcome to Saturn into your play sector for a while. It may seem a little incongruous to have such an austere, serious planet in your sector of fun, art and self-expression; but of course the opportunity here is a chance to be even better at whatever you’re already good at. You are learning to hone your innate talent with even more creative discipline than usual, and the kind of exacting focus required here is so up your alley! Could be professionally relevant skills you are working on here, a more precise artistic process for personal satisfaction or just rocking your charismatic self on the social scene with more grounded self-assurance; you love a bi


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING Welcome to 2018 and how cool is it to have the heaviness of Saturn finally out of your ideas sector? I mean it’s been constructive and all, having the most pragmatic planet informing your mental process and for sure you have become quite the sharp, efficient problem solver and able to tackle things with a brilliantly efficient, sober rationality. So that’s been handy. But to the extent it’s been a bit heavy or even depressing to be taking life so seriously lately; it’s a blessed relief to feel the mood lift and rock that bubbly, effusive joy de vivre of yours again. And Mercury on board this month renews those sparkly conversation/communication/social skills you’re so famo


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Welcome to 2018 and I think you’re going to like this one-it’s looking so good for you this year… I mean with lucky Jupiter in your sign till December you are riding a wave of exuberant personal confidence and renewed faith in the process-you are in love with life again and in return life loves you right back! So with your two fave planets- Mars and Pluto energising Jupiter in early Jan you are so all over the most awesome, fierce lust for life and libidinous confidence you’ve felt in a very long time. Sexy self-assurance to walk around feeling hawt, unstoppable and totally comfortable in your skin right now? Yep, you’ve got it going on! Especially with the visionary F


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING Welcome to 2018 and let’s face it, you’re so deliriously happy to have taskmaster Saturn officially out of your hair that not much can throw you this year. Like a wild horse who’s just busted out of captivity you’re thrilled to be galloping into the next stage of life all liberated, energised and euphorically reclaiming the freedom to be you on your own terms again-yes! And helpfully, Mars energising your lucky ruler Jupiter in your soul sector early Jan is a like a spiritual light-bulb moment. With some kind of shamanic/visionary insights to turn you on, for a beautiful new optimism about your life and gorgeously inspired intentions for the coming year… So fir


Image: Dietmare Busse's Running Horse series. The New Moon in Sagittarius is upon us- 5.30pm Dec 19th, AEDT. New Moons are always a fresh burst of inspiration and in Sagittarius it's all about unleashing our wildling spirit, animal instincts, rebel-heart personal freedom and boundless enthusiasm for life! We're up for expanding our horizons and big adventure -doing it or at least dreaming about it to turn us on for the coming year... In many ways the visionary intentions we tune into this Moon are going to creatively manifest and prepare us for the themes of 2018, so we want to keep it as blisteringly positive, open minded and optimistic as possible. Especially with Venus on board here; we a


Image: Arsalan & Yahseer- model Abbas Jafri (swoon) Mars, the god of vitality, self expression and capacity for aggression (healthy or otherwise) is sneaking into enigmatic Scorpio from December 10th-January 27th. Mars loves being in Scorpio, the ancient sign of his rulership (especially with a brilliant conjunction to lucky Jupiter in early January); so our personal motivation is about to be way more potent if we can plug into the core of who we are and what truly drives us right now. It's a primal lust for life, unapologetic will to thrive & libidinous determination that's going to energise us for the next 5 weeks, to the extent that we're ready to seize it... Image: Massai warriors jumpin


Mercury has just stationed retro right on the Full Moon in Mercurial Gemini, so it's a busy, fluxy energy we're dealing with right now. It's kinda stressy hectic, but also brilliant for the kind of nimble multitasking our variously kinetic/rapidly evolving situations are currently demanding. If there's a difference between constructively busy/on the move to better things vs scatty/flakey distraction we're about to learn the meaning of it! Image: Alex Prager The fact that Mercury goes retro on top of Saturn means that we have to be that much more grounded and precise about where we focus our mental energy; the better to manifest tangible outcomes and achievements by the time Mercury moves for


This Full Moon (2.47am Dec 4th, AEDT) in flighty Gemini is gonna be a trip! What we have with this Moon is an exact aspect between magical Neptune and expansive Jupiter, with lots of watery Pisces/Scorpio energy to tune us into our dreamy yearnings, emotional needs and visionary genius that just can't be denied: no matter how much the airy Gemini vibe tries to float above it all. Because the real genius of Gemini here is the capacity to tune into the subtle Neptunian insights incoming with the mental dexterity to sort through, and process the busy rush of seemingly contradictory emo coming up around, well, everything... Also because Mercury turning retrograde is temptation for scrambled thin


Image: Helmut Newton As Saturn prepares to get out of Sagittarius by Dec 20th, we are all getting ready to reclaim our wildling, libertarian mojo and what better preparation than Venus into Sag from Dec 2nd-26th- because the feminine principle of Venus really claims her wild, Artemesian, wilderness, untamed I am woman hear me roar aspect in Sagittarius! Image: Neil Krug Venus is about values, and the primary value of Sag is to be Free. And not just a little bit rebellious within the confines of the broader, oppressive societal/family/relational dictates but actual no-compromise, captain of her own destiny, riding into the sunset, unbridled autonomy. And this means taking no shizz from any li