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Welcome to 2018, and how fab that it begins with an inspiring Full Moon in your play/talent/self expression sector –where you get that the coming year looks like fun, and you’re ready to get started enjoying this in the following ways:

Jupiter in your adventure sector till November is a restless, relentless yearning to expand your horizons, which may be wanderlust/brewing some cool new travel plans or some academic/upskilling bender to grow professionally or you’re ready for some delicious, rebellious kicking against whatever has been holding you back lately, just because you’re a free spirit and determined to thrive on your own terms–so there! So Mars energising this in early January is permission to assert whatever independence/brazen new life plans are turning you on right now and the moxy to do so.

Because Jupiter/Mars are fully aligned with the Destiny Point in your work sector. This is clear, directional thinking about the day job and where it’s heading-and Ceres nurtures this with beautiful support and appreciation from colleagues/clients/collaborators etc, and most importantly your own, enduring commitment to your most cherished vocational aspirations. You are nothing if not idealistic about the life plan right now!

So the Venusian New Moon of the 17th in your social sector connects you with the tribe, community or loving friends most aligned with your current goals and values. This could be brilliant for professional networking opportunities, a chance to shine in the world and also the sparkling social life that allows you to let your hair down, have a good time and simply enjoy the journey for a while… which is pretty nice.

And love? The Venus/Mars message this week says you get out of the comfort zone (as in at least out of the house, lol) and go do something different/exciting with your lover to renew the spark; or if single/on the prowl you need to get out there and mingle, for maximum flirty potential in the world?

Image: Christian Dior, Vogue - January 1978, Photographed by Chris Von Wangenheim

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