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Welcome to 2018 and welcome to the fabulosity that is lucky Jupiter in your biz sector until November! You are getting your head around a broader, more expansive view of what you are professionally capable of –and the positive outlook & personal freedom that comes from that, and it feels so good.

Because meanwhile Mars energising Jupiter in early January is an auspicious beginning to the year; in that you allow yourself to be properly excited about the endless vocational possibilities pinging around in that kaleidoscopic, inventive brain of yours and enlisting whatever elbow grease/tireless determination is required to make it happen-because you’re that turned on by your brilliant goals right now!

So how fab is the Full Moon of the 2nd in your work sector lit up by the beautiful creative inspiration of Venus in your visionary soul-sector? This is total validation to flex that talent of yours doing nothing less than what you love for a living; a theme which is given fresh focus with the New Moon of the 17th- following your bliss with sparkling spiritual clarity is your new normal, don’t you know?

And then how perfect is Venus following the New Moon energy into your sign from the 18th; where you shine with renewed beauty, charisma, talent and personal confidence. You’re not holding back from any shameless self promotion or general gorgeousness in the world required to get ahead-or indeed just have fun with life right now.

And yes this includes love; your good looks and romantic charisma draw any new contenders like moths to a flame –or your existing lover giving you that special look over dinner as they’re reminded why they fell for you in the first place and you know, renew the spark. And with the Ceres nourishing the Destiny Point in your partnership sector mid month-this could all be pointing in a promising long-term direction…

Image: Angelica Huston in Thierry Mugler by Ara Gallant

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