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Welcome to 2018 and welcome to the brilliant, challenging potential of Saturn in your biz sector for the next few years. You are about to really come to terms with whatever professional goals are currently important to you, how far you’ve come and how much work you’ve got left to do to nail it. Or even a whole new career trajectory you’re just getting your head around and, again, how much elbow grease it’s about to take to pull it off?

This is tough but amazingly promising astro for that Aries ambition of yours!

I mean for goodness sake you have the Destiny Point in your talent sector being supported by earth mother Ceres; so your capacity to do whatever you’re good at with maximum excellence is so happening right now.

The New Moon of the 17th is particularly inspiring. You have Venus turning on your professional charm, raw talent, creative confidence and dressing the part to walk into any biz situation with the glamorous chutzpah to own it!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 2nd is sorting out the home base, familial harmony and emotional congruence/healthy relationships in your personal life generally. And yes this includes romance; given this Moon is so in sync with the spectacular Mars/Jupiter action of early Jan as follows:

Lucky Jupiter is awakening the full potency of your sexy ruler Mars in your sex/intimacy sector for goodness sake, so your native passion and ardent, confident seductive prowess are even more powerful than ever! Your existing love affair is rekindled, or you’re all inspired to go chase that attraction you’ve been lusting after or if single you’re probably on the prowl-and statistically more likely to attract some hot new contender. Because you’re so ready for a lovely new romantic adventure, however it rolls.

And even if love aint your thing, this is primo astro for negotiating fabulously rewarding biz and financial scenarios for thyself. Hustling the coin to live freely, doing what you love? Yes you’re ready to give it your best shot!

Image: Samantha Scott, Sam I Am

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