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Welcome to 2018, and the BIG news is the joy of your ruling planet, Saturn making himself at home in your sign for the next 2 1/2 years! Oh boy, I bet you’re feeling a primal urge to conquer any limiting beliefs/circumstances that have been bugging you recently with a rockingly empowered new self discipline; for a lovely sense of personal integrity and the brilliant worldly success that comes with it.

Yep, January is just the beginning of all this, so plenty of time to align with any fierce new ambition rising up, prepare the game plan and get started–it’s going to be a trip!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 2nd is in your love sector and all over love goddess Venus in your sign- yes it’s Capricorn mating season. Maybe get onto the subtle cues about intimacy that come from Neptune in your dialogue sector finessing a more magical, sensitive communion with your lover (or some kismety new flirtation, if single/on the prowl) AND the Destiny Point/Ceres nurturing long term potential in your sex/intimacy sector.

Because the Capricorn New Moon of the 17th also has Venus in league with sexy Pluto; more proof (as if you needed it) that your romantic mojo –as well as personal beauty/charisma and creative/talent/biz genius are on fire all month! You are gorgeous, gifted and pretty magnificent right now, to be honest and you know it…

And so does everybody else. Mars/Jupiter firing up your confidence in early Jan are excellent for your social butterfly/bonding with your loving tribe popularity –and also brazenly effective networking for whatever prestige or professional opportunities are calling your name right now. So good.

Image: Halina Mrozek fashion

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