June is here for a wild ride, and the horoscopes are up to guide us through. There's a grand fire trine to illuminate things: The Destiny Point in Leo is permission to seize a more magnificent future with blazing confidence. Uranus in Aries, and hooking up with Venus early month is a creative spark to manifest cool possibilities in love, art, beauty -whatever turns us on. And Saturn in Sagittarius is the challenging discipline to persist with certain visionary plans. for the freedom it's gonna score us in the long term... We're so onto it right now! And Jupiter direct from the 9th is even more renewal of lucky, plucky chutzpah, just in time for an optimistic, Jupiter-ruled Sag Full Moon on t


ARIES/ARIES RISING The grand fire trine of June helps make sense of that restless, hungry feeling you’ve been grappling with lately as follows: Uranus in your sign since 2010 has been a liberating phase of bucking convention and embracing unconventional freedom, which has been brilliant but also somewhat scatty/ungrounded at times- so you’re kinda looking forward to Uranus off your case and things settling down somewhat from June next year. So meanwhile Saturn in your adventure sector right now is not so much you settling down (no, not quite yet) as grounding those big dreams you’ve been aiming toward in reality. A feasible plan for overseas travel/nomadic wanderlust or an academic/writing/p


PISCES/PISCES RISING So the grand fire trine of June is all about firing up the Pisces career –and with Mars energising your creative confidence to this end-as follows: Saturn in your biz sector has been hauling you over the coals for a while, demanding a gritty work ethic, backing yourself with solid self-belief no matter what and getting your head around working within the rules of someone else’s established business structure or building your own solid enterprise, ready or not. It’s challenging! And Saturn aint finished with you till December; so it’s handy to have a reminder this month that yes you are on track-especially around the Full Moon of the 10th- more than you realize; so keep s


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Mars in your day job sector from June 5th has your energy firmly focused on professional concerns until late July, so motivation to get some fierce, consistent work ethic happening this month is on! You just know (correctly) that any elbow grease you’re putting in right now will serve your broader ambitions nicely, so you keep soldiering on for fab results. To this end the Full Moon of the 10th is a nice chance to come to terms with your innate talent and believe in it enough to scheme some effective, shameless self-promotion in the world. This also connects you with the right tribe/like minded peeps with whom to chase your dreams and (maybe) professionally collabora


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So there’s a bunch of planetary action energising the Capricorn love life this month to get things moving for sure, as follows: Mars in your partnership sector from the 5th brings renewed, passionate attention from your main squeeze -they remember to seduce you all over again. Or, if they’re spoiling for a fight/have some issue coming up you guys tackle things head on –with maybe some great make-up sex afterwards or at least greater clarity of intention to move things forward one way or the other? And if you’re single/on the prowl someone hot could come chasing you… The New Moon of the 24th helps to clarify any future potential here, either way. Because Mars also p


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So to the extent that Saturn retrograde in your sign has become tedious, what with the endless, character building discipline/personal growth/gritty work-ethic you’ve been putting in these last few years; and such incremental, slow moving results thus far? You’ll be thrilled to know that the grand fire trine of June has you in it’s sights and finally gets things moving with the following planetary action: The Full Moon of the 10th involves the brazen spunk of bitch Lilith in Sag – you’re hot and you know it and more than ever will live on nothing less than your own, uniquely integral terms because you can, so there! And this lends you the perseverance to keep o


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So there’s a grand fire trine going on this month to get things moving, and wants to light up your career! The powerful professional ides of June unfold as follows: Saturn retrograde in your income sector is careful, strategic planning about the next stage of you doing something sustainable, financially secure and long term rewarding for a crust. I mean Lilith also on board is all about earning on your own terms that you actually enjoy–you are even more savvy than usual about efficiently working to live and not living to work… wage slaving not so much. Your instincts about this are particularly sharp around the Full Moon of the 10th. Because Uranus in your work sector


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING If you feel a suddenly renewed sense of confident, expansive life possibilities this month? Yep, that would be lucky Jupiter direct in your sign from June 9th-mid October; you’ve got to love 4 months of accelerated, positive progress coming up- if you’re ready to embrace it! So the Destiny Point coming out of your secretive soul sector –where you’ve been scheming certain future plans beautifully but actual, worldly progress may have felt somewhat elusive- into your busy social sector is totally helpful. You’re back on the scene flexing some networking muscle/bonding with your peeps/partying up/getting amongst it again and for a social creature like yourself, who thrives on


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Your patron planet, Mercury, into your biz sector from the 8th is fab for finessing the life/vocational plan with renewed pizzaz. Clever strategies are zinging around and even more than usual you are all over the details/a precise, savvy professional attitude with that keen intelligence of yours. Not to mention holding your own with subtle, sharply articulate communication skills in any negotiations/job interviews/self promotional schmooze going on in your vocational/public life right now. You’ve got this! And lucky Jupiter forward in your income sector from the 9th –mid October is so good for embracing a more can-do, positive and lucrative attitude to monetising your vari


LEO/LEO RISING Are you feeling that raw, primal urgency to re-connect with your most basic life force–that drive to accomplish great things/spiritually individuate on your own terms no matter what/embrace your most brazen, visionary aspirations that have been pulsing within you since birth? Yep you’re not imagining this, it’s the Destiny Point (North Node) into your sign from May 10th-Nov 2018; a window that comes around every 9 years to renew your hopes and dreams that’s turning on your lust for life right now. This is a brilliant, raw flow of instinctive inspiration that’s so worth grabbing and believing in right now, to set up maximum personal momentum for the next 18 months onward. I mea


CANCER/CANCER RISING Well first of all Mars into your sign from the June 5th –July 21st is a window of Cancerian confidence, passion, personal momentum and bravado that you really want to grab whilst it’s coming at you. Your energy levels are peaking for the next 6 weeks and you want to do something with all this raw power; so how do you channel this brilliant moxy? Look no further than the Grand fire trine of June, which is all over your vocational life as follows: Saturn in your day-job sector is calling you to pull out some proper discipline; a bit of daily grind toward your current aspirations/scoring some professional respect goes a long way here. And if you’re not feeling the burning a


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Venus hiding out in your soul sector from the 7th would normally feel like a phase of introversion/solo personal space, but not this month –there’s too much romantic action going on! Venus perfects an easy, loved up aspect with her lover Mars by the 9th for optimum love mojo and what brings them together is loquacious Mercury in your sign! In other words your romantic charisma rocks in June, with even more smooth-talking/intoxicating flirtatious wiles than usual; and that’s saying something for a charmer like you… Even better, this leads into a Full Moon in your love sector on the 10th, as follows: Ceres in your sign has you ready and craving for a more nurturing, sustai


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING The month begins with your ruling planet, Venus on Uranus in your soul-sector for a sudden, sparky, possibly radical reset of your core values. Around June 4th is one of those wildly unexpected, inspirational, visionary impulses that rise up from within you seemingly out of nowhere –but have actually been brewing for a while- and viola! A game changing new perspective is upon you about whatever is driving you in life right now… Hint; It could have a lot to do with the grand fire trine of June that Uranus is a part of, as follows: The Destiny Point into your home sector is fresh clarity about any family/domestic issues going on –and how to move forward with a fab new vers


So we've had a Mars/Saturn opposition playing out this week, which has frankly become quite tedious at this point. Mars in Gemini has us massively restless, light on our feet, juggling options, acutely aware of the multiplicity of options available to us and buzzing to get some kind of move forward-asap- with at least one of them! But Saturn in Sag has standards, and is (apparently) blocking our path until we've slowed down and worked some serious, hard-won quality control on out strategy; before we even think about the next step. Yes, patience and a persevering work ethic is a real virtue right now, but not one that tends to sit well with cheeky, impatient Sag/Gemini energy. Just when we're


New Moon in Gemini. exact 5.44am May 26th, AEST. New Moons are always a sense of renewal, and in Gemini our refreshed perspective is sparky, playful and emotionally lucid. A lovely lightness of being is one of the perks of Gemini energy, and we embrace it! I mean with Venus squaring Pluto this week is all kinds of romantic intensity, volcanically revealing convos and brooding attractions- which is hot and all and yes, enormously promising for certain authentic connections to really take off... But it can feel a bit heavy if we're not careful... So a bit of Gemini levity is most welcome here. It helps to keep the emotional frisson and dialogue that is bound to be coming up this week more flow


So now that The North Node/Destiny Point is in Leo and activating the Saturn in Sag/Uranus in Aries trine; we have Grand Fire Trine to blow us out of the water and get any thwarted energy (from so many planets recently retrograde) moving again. Fire energy is about passion; we follow our most visionary dreams and get in touch with our desires for a good time. And also personal warmth -we are emotionally generous and affectionate with our loved ones, and specifically if we're in love/on the prowl hot-blooded enough to seduce our lovers like we mean it! And it's also about artful creative expression. Fire energy means magical living; in the sense that we are fully intentional about creating th


Feel that primal throb in the air, the blood rising in your loins, the urge to sink your fangs into something meaningful, passionate, powerful & transformative as soon as possible? Yep, that's the Full Moon in Scorpio coming up 7.42am May 11th, AEST. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings we've been dealing with in the previous month and in Scorpio the emo is DEEP-especially with with Scorpio's ancient ruler, Pluto on board! Whatever we're feeling right now we don't duck the experience, we own it with courageous ferocity... We don't deny our most basic needs and desires, we seek to integrate them into our everyday life; with the savvy discrimination to embrace our healthy app


The North Node of the Moon, which I call the Destiny Point, charges into blazing Leo from May 10th -November 2018: The Destiny Point points to nothing less than our karmic imperative to follow/fully embrace the life purpose we came here to fulfil; those hopes & dreams/searing ambition/innate lust to better ourselves/evolve/fully individuate that have been sparking within us from birth. You know that pure driving force that we sometimes lose touch with along the way as life’s trials and tribulations test us- but continues to call us back to the siren song of our true nature/ideal future from somewhere deep within, even in our darkest hour? Yes and we can always re-connect with this, and parti

MAY is here & we're ready to FLY FREE -let's GO!

May is upon us and the scopes are up. We have Venus completing her lengthy tour of Aries with a whole new, fiery ferocity to do love, romance, art, beauty, talent and biz on our own terms and wth as much creative confidence, shameless self promotion and (with Saturn involved) gritty determination as possible. And Mars in Gemini suggesting that light on our feet, multi-tasking, savvy flexibility to negotiate each day as it comes with an open mind to possibilities is the best way forward... And the Scorpio Full Moon of the 11th is a sexy, instinctual rush of emotional empowerment to follow our passions no matter what; and nail any personal transformation we have to address along the way, the b


PISCES/PISCES RISING So Venus in your sign recently has been a sexy little reminder of just how spunky, talented and confident you can be when you put your mind to it… and now Venus moves into your income sector for May to see how exactly you’re going to monetise this spunk/manifest optimum income based on the values that really matter to you. Especially with the Destiny Point moving into your work/lifestyle sector from the 10th, for 18 months ahead to cultivate the day-job scenario, work/lifestyle balance that genuinely serves you. You want a sense of purpose that’s going to provide the momentum with which to build a genuine, solid vocational future. Yes, and Saturn in your biz sector lends