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Mars in your day job sector from June 5th has your energy firmly focused on professional concerns until late July, so motivation to get some fierce, consistent work ethic happening this month is on! You just know (correctly) that any elbow grease you’re putting in right now will serve your broader ambitions nicely, so you keep soldiering on for fab results.

To this end the Full Moon of the 10th is a nice chance to come to terms with your innate talent and believe in it enough to scheme some effective, shameless self-promotion in the world. This also connects you with the right tribe/like minded peeps with whom to chase your dreams and (maybe) professionally collaborate, which a social animal like you just adores! So strutting around on the social scene with extra confidence mid-month is cool for networking opportunities; or even just a chance to shine in the world for the thrill of it – yes you’re bound to get noticed so why not?

In any case the New Moon of the 24th is clarity about the next stage of your vocational plan and ready to nail some precise strategies re this. Yep, you’re about to be more onto it than you think…

Meanwhile the Destiny Point in your partnership sector is big, next level clarity about how the next 18 months of your love life wants to play out. This is a once every 9 years opportunity to focus on forward thinking, long term momentum with any ongoing love affair in your life or any promising new contenders on the scene; and your preferred values and outcomes when it comes to questions of life partnership? Again this thing has 18 months to play out, so you can take some time to tune in emotionally and get your attitude as integral and correct as possible in terms of whoever’s on the scene –or about to be…

Because the Venus/Mars love action of June is focused on your romance sector, so a great time to lighten it up with some delightful, playful quality time/flirty repartee to keep it sparkly. And with Venus in your domestic sector the next hot date/bonding session is ideally staged on home turf. Or even (maybe) some kind of shacking up/domestic bliss scenario?

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