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So the grand fire trine of June is all about firing up the Pisces career –and with Mars energising your creative confidence to this end-as follows:

Saturn in your biz sector has been hauling you over the coals for a while, demanding a gritty work ethic, backing yourself with solid self-belief no matter what and getting your head around working within the rules of someone else’s established business structure or building your own solid enterprise, ready or not. It’s challenging! And Saturn aint finished with you till December; so it’s handy to have a reminder this month that yes you are on track-especially around the Full Moon of the 10th- more than you realize; so keep soldiering on huh?

The Destiny Point into your work sector is a flamingly clear new perspective on your day-job reality. You want nothing less than to do what you believe in, with long-term promise and genuine momentum for a living and determined to make it happen. This kind of clarity and motivation only comes round every 9 years; and uncompromising Lilith in your biz sector (also once every 9 years) is perfect synchronicity to bring a fierce work ethic to your most cherished dreams. And you have 18 months ahead to get it right –you’re so onto this!

Maverick Uranus in your income sector is, ok, a little unpredictable about cash flow for the moment. You might want to vibe as flexible/innovative as possible re the budget-and lucky Jupiter says good old, positive abundance consciousness does work right now. Yes, but indulging any hare-brained/instant gratification/stoopid risky money schemes? Not so much. I know it’s a fine line but try to keep it real.

And Mars in your talent sector is simple; you’re brilliant, eminently capable and (be honest) you know it! Brazen self-belief powers you through the next 7 weeks more than anything else; so no time to underestimate yourself…

And love? Jupiter forward in your intimacy sector from the 9th is a renewed, trusting sense of connection with any lover on the scene. But Venus says you have to communicate with maximum romantic clarity; a better dialogue/verbal bonding with an existing partner or flirty repartee with someone new – is the way forward for sure.

Image: Kurt Lawson for Vogue uk

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