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So there’s a bunch of planetary action energising the Capricorn love life this month to get things moving for sure, as follows:

Mars in your partnership sector from the 5th brings renewed, passionate attention from your main squeeze -they remember to seduce you all over again. Or, if they’re spoiling for a fight/have some issue coming up you guys tackle things head on –with maybe some great make-up sex afterwards or at least greater clarity of intention to move things forward one way or the other? And if you’re single/on the prowl someone hot could come chasing you… The New Moon of the 24th helps to clarify any future potential here, either way.

Because Mars also picks up on Venus in your romance sector for some playful, flirty, sparkly romantic rapport to keep things sweet. This is also brilliant for your creative/arty self-expression, backing your own talent in the world and general, brazen self-confidence to keep it real.

And the Destiny Point into your intimacy sector is 18 months coming up of transformative, future oriented love action. Your deeper connections are evolving fast; with a once every 9 years opportunity to know where you stand emotionally, what and who you want and what you plan to do about it for long term authenticity and satisfaction. Of course this could also involve significant financial/biz entanglements about to sort themselves out.

Then there’s Mercury in your day-job sector picking up on the Venus/Mars charm vibe and lucky Jupiter in your career sector. Some of your most effective negotiations this month could be geared toward professional advantage! You are so well placed to schmooze your way that much closer to success in any biz meetings/job interviews/self promotion coming up soon; why not use it while you can?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 10th is a nice chance to pull yourself together with the right shamanic, self-mastery attitude to prepare for a big month of achievement ahead. Perfecto.

Image: Barbera Palvin for the Rosa Clara 2013 bridal collection

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