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The grand fire trine of June helps make sense of that restless, hungry feeling you’ve been grappling with lately as follows:

Uranus in your sign since 2010 has been a liberating phase of bucking convention and embracing unconventional freedom, which has been brilliant but also somewhat scatty/ungrounded at times- so you’re kinda looking forward to Uranus off your case and things settling down somewhat from June next year.

So meanwhile Saturn in your adventure sector right now is not so much you settling down (no, not quite yet) as grounding those big dreams you’ve been aiming toward in reality. A feasible plan for overseas travel/nomadic wanderlust or an academic/writing/publishing bender with long-term ambitions behind it could be upon you –and as usual with Saturn especially if you’re prepared to work for it! Your new mantra: discipline=freedom and success.

And the Destiny Point into your self-expression is where you come to terms with your own innate talent; the better to get just how rewarding it is to turn your favourite creative/professional buzz into doing something that you really love with your life. Yes, you cultivate this intention for the next 18 months, and with maximum confidence to get out there and show the hell off! You’re brilliant and you know it- time to shine.

And this is also lovely for any flirty, playful romantic potential coming up. Especially with lucky Jupiter in your partnership sector; you’re feeling more open to embracing the full potential of an existing connection or exploring any new attraction with healthy optimism… It’s all about open-ended possibilities either way and you’re smart enough to keep an open mind and courageous, curious heart in love. Good.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 10th validates your best vocational/biz instincts- the better to make some cool professional progress mid-month. Because by the New Moon of the 24th, Mars helps to clarify the work/life balance that best serves you, with a successful career strategy that also serves an enjoyable, fulfilling home/personal life on your own terms. This looks promising for sure…

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