So May is here, and Taurus season is particularly electrifying this time round, what with Uranus newly in Taurus & rocking our security issues sideways all over the place... If we've ever been ready to energise and re-invent our most basic foundations from the ground up -we're so onto it this month! Especially wth Venus/Uranus in early May, our creative confidence & self expression, and certainly our love and personal relationships are in for such blast of fresh inspo, with weird & wonderful new possibilities we might not have considered before? And Saturn inching closer to Pluto is a meeting of planetary titans, that is slowly but surely preparing us for the most primal, deeply effective pe


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So the New Moon of the 5th is a nice clarification of whatever Taurus priorities have shifted since Uranus started shaking up your sign recently. You’re actually feeling clean, mean and clear as a bell right now; so what better time to set beautiful intentions for the coming month huh? Especially with Mercury in your sign syncing Uranus from the 7th-10th, your mental brilliance is pretty much incandescent with amazing new schemes, dreams and liberating new perspectives about your life! It’s no time to hang back in boring complacency baby; you’re in accelerated evolution mode so might as well get with the programme and embrace your best intelligently innovative, game chan


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So Venus in your social sector for the first half of the month is fab for that natural, sparkly social confidence of yours. Could be great to leverage your charm for a bit of intelligent networking on the scene/hustling some professional opportunity with the old who-you-know factor? Or just having fun with your tribe & chatting up a storm for the thrill of intellectual rapport/feeling connected in the world –you love this! And also flirting up a storm-which (admit) you’re pretty damn good at anyway. So yes, if you’re on the prowl early May is the perfect time to be out & about, reeling them in with that fascinating allure you do so well. Or if you already have someone sp


CANCER/CANCER RISING So Saturn is working some emotional discipline for your key relationships May 1st, especially the long term ones that require mindful, grown up clarity around ongoing commitments huh? This may be deeply rewarding or kinda frustrating-depending where your situation is at- but pretty good for character building interpersonal skills either way… Especially with Mars lurking in your introverted soul sector & you’re kind of inclined to hide out in that self-protective shell of yours; where your emotional intelligence says that dealing with healthy relationship with self/healthy boundaries is a necessary pre-requisite for bonding with anyone else? Also the New Moon of then 5th


LEO/LEO RISING So with Uranus still in the early stages of several years of shaking up your soul sector, you are presumably feeling out a more liberated/flexible attitude to Leo career? Or maybe entertaining some cool new professional scheme/dream that may or may not be realistic, but fun to consider either way -just for the buzz of the unknown and testing out your own potential in the world? Yes, this is fabulous. And the New Moon of the 5th in your biz sector is perfect for clarifying the veracity of any opportunities presenting themselves right now. And Saturn on this one is leaning on your work ethic –the real question right now is whether you have the moxy to commit to some good old-fas


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING The New Moon of the 5th has you thinking in the broadest possible terms about big picture goals in your life –which is excellent for dropping that whole fastidious, micro managing the details thing you tend to do huh? Which if nothing else is a relief to get out of your own busy head for a while, and feel into whatever lovely flow is already moving through your life in its own sweet way... And you might as well drop any control freakery anyway; because your ruling planet Mercury messing with Uranus around the 8th requires such mental alacrity –a fab, flexible new attitude is so the way forward here! Because you’re more likely to be dealing with sudden changes of circumstan


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING So to the extent you’ve got Uranus just in the early stages of shaking up your 8th house of personal entanglements, and newly open-minded about how best to roll with new-paradigm relating in your life? The New Moon of May 5th helps to finesse the emotional nuance & clarify the direction of whatever connections most matter to you right now. And they could all be happening at once of course. So if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the demands of various sexual/intimate/family dynamic/biz/financial relationships, just know it’s your season to work that gorgeous charm of yours to keep it all sweet; I mean harmonious relationship skills are your thing, right? And no better time to


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So Uranus in your love sector has been softening you up lately, to drop at least some of those (admit it) control freaky tendencies of yours in personal relationships: As in a healthy grasp of the things you can’t control where certain loved ones are concerned, hmmm? Maybe a bit more unconditional acceptance of one another’s proclivities etc to keep it real, & a fresh dynamic between you to move forward. Or a broader, more open minded attitude to where the next rocking attraction could be coming from –if you happen to be on the prowl for new connections in your life? So it’s all very liberating for the Scorpio love paradigm right now, and to that end the New Moon of th


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So to the extent you’ve never been a fan of the 9-5 or whatever grind on the day job, and tend to insist on more flexible/free range versions of hustling a living? You’ve been loving Uranus in your work sector lately, to shake it up and reveal cool new opportunities to do your best vocational thing on your own terms… Also because your expansive, lucky ruler Jupiter in your sign this year means you’ve got no time for compromise and-importantly- plenty of positive, dynamic determination to live the big, adventurous life you crave, whatever it takes. Especially with the New Moon of the 5th; where Saturn in your income sector helps to sharpen your professional wits


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So your ruling planet, Saturn in sync with Pluto for the next 12 months has you ready to bust a move on ever more authentic versions of being you. It’s like empowering personal transformation 101 this year and baby, you’re so up for it! And to the extent Uranus in your self-expression sector is totally firing up the process; in terms of cutting loose and living with that much more fun, exuberant, spontaneous lust for life? The New Moon of the 5th is fab permission to spark all that up, for some beautiful, confident moxy in the world for the month. Why not live a little, the better to readily embrace your full potential in the world right now. Meanwhile, Mars in you


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING Look, with Uranus increasingly stirring up your domestic sector, I’m not gonna pretend that you’re looking at so-called security, or an entirely settled domestic scenario anytime soon. But still, there could be some truly thrilling developments in your home/personal life to knock your socks off-and maybe a brilliant new scenario that you couldn’t have imagined until now? And to this end the New Moon of the 5th is a chance to tune into the Aqua home base with a bit of fresh emotional intelligence. Maybe you are mulling over where you want to live right now-whether or not that involves a big move- and finessing the logistics/details of your property situation according


PISCES/PISCES RISING Gosh it’s such a great time to broaden the Pisces career plan right now. Lucky Jupiter in your biz sector all year is the perfect, open-ended confidence to expand your professional horizons with the easy confidence of doing something you genuinely love for a living… Especially with Mars into your self-expression sector from the 16th, you’re so fabulously fired up to get out there and shake that brilliant talent of yours in the world. So a bit of shameless self-promotion goes a long way in the second half of the month, to cultivate whatever vocational plan turns you on right now. And do persevere with this, because Mars is steadily heading towards the Destiny Point by mid


ARIES/ARIES RISING So to the extent you’re all shook up after several years of Uranus dismantling the Aries paradigm, and trying to get your head around the new normal? I mean it’s liberating to feel free of all that baggage you’ve been madly ditching lately, but still a tad uncertain what this new chapter is going to look like? It’s nice, and kinda perfect timing to have the healer Chiron embarking on several years in your sign, to find a fresh comfortability in your skin and renewed, healthy sense of who you are in the world. Yes there’s lots of beautiful self-discovery going on for you right now; and Venus in your sign for the first half of the month is excellent for the right kind of gor


So how are we feeling after that Full Moon in Libra last night? To the extent Full Moons are a rising up of whatever emotions have been lurking around all month; Libra is ideally a chance to find our equilibrium with a bit of healthy balance between the head & the heart to make sense of it all. And harmonise any relationship dynamics-Libra being such a partnership oriented sign, to move forward more on track with whoever we're supposed to be connected with right now... Yes, great. But I tell you what, having wild child Uranus electrifying this Moon has thrown a spanner in the works big time huh? Things haven't been going according to plan, and certainly kyboshed any illusion that we can shmo


Aries New Moon coming at us now -exact 6.50pm AEST, for a blast of fabulous, fresh life force to turn us on. We've got all the usual thrills of raw, fierce Aries vitality, physical energy to burn and glorious confidence in our personal direction right now. To the extent New Moons require the clear emotional perspective to seize new opportunities with conscious initiative; the brazenly positive, impatient, future oriented energy of Aries loves this! And the aspect to practical Saturn provides the perfect counterpoint. Saturn supports our forward momentum with the requisite pragmatic intelligence to finesse the details, and check our genuine commitment to whatever we are chasing up right now;


Venus into Pisces from March 27th-April 21st is fab, heightened inspiration for our love, beauty & personal charisma, creative inspo & biz success for the rest of the month: LOVE In Pisces, our love mojo is all about high romance, spooky mystical attraction, rapturous intimacy and rarified soulmate connection -we really want to feel it in our souls -on some level! But also lots of slippery room to move... I mean let's face it it's not so much heavy Us Talks or forced commitment that turns us on right now as the fluttery thrill of exquisite possibilities huh? Especially by the time Venus meets dreamy Neptune by April 10th we want nothing less than rarified, transcendent, heart-banging soul-ma


April is upon us and the scopes are up. It's a swift, moving right along energy to propel us forward this month... Whatever we have been focused upon recently is either happening or it's not -and we adapt with alacrity or keep on trucking with the prevailing strategy accordingly, huh? We have Uranus in Taurus to fully embrace whatever is shaking up our fundamental security issues/life plans and recognise that perhaps a whole new & improved version of our future is ready to present itself instead . Yes, and luckily we have Gemini Mars for the nifty, light on our feet adaptability to do just that. And we have a spooky Venus/Neptune thing mid month, to tune into all this flux and magically mani


ARIES/ARIES RISING So the Aries New Moon of the 5th is such a powerful wake up call, to rock some serious adult integrity & drill down on your best personal discipline for maximum pragmatic, empowered, self-assured stance in the world. Because baby, Mercury/Neptune are brewing some pretty wild schemes and dreams to inspire you, and you’re gonna need all the practical nous you can muster to bring them to brilliant fruition. Especially with Saturn in your biz sector and Uranus rocking some fab new perspective on your earning capacity in the world; you’ve never been so sharp, change savvy, innovative & ready to embrace cool new success potential in your life. No time to underestimate yourself n


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So things are settling down a bit, after the initial disruption of Uranus shaking up your sign, and you’re presumably feeling into some kind of comfortability with the new paradigm energy moving you forward from now on? Nice one… Also because, as fab as Mars in your sign had been recently to flex your sexy, libidinous, success driven moxy in the world and all; it’s kind of a relief to have Mars out of your hair from April 1st right? Phew, you get to reflect on how far you’ve come recently and enjoy a well-earned sense of accomplishment; whilst relaxing into an easier flow sans having to prove your mettle in the world quite so much. Which is perfect for tuning into some r


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So Mars in your sign from April 1st is pretty hawt! You’re suddenly so energised to put yourself out there in the world with renewed confidence, and it feels good to feel so authentically good about yourself huh? Especially with the New Moon of the 5th you’re rocking such powerful charisma on your social scene to network effectively/connect with your wider tribe, the better to tune into the current zeitgeist and rock your most brilliant influence in the world. And renewed bonds with a close knit circle of friends or someone special could be just the thing, to remind you of the value of mutual support and lovely camaraderie in your life… Because so much of your expansive