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So with Uranus still in the early stages of several years of shaking up your soul sector, you are presumably feeling out a more liberated/flexible attitude to Leo career? Or maybe entertaining some cool new professional scheme/dream that may or may not be realistic, but fun to consider either way -just for the buzz of the unknown and testing out your own potential in the world?

Yes, this is fabulous. And the New Moon of the 5th in your biz sector is perfect for clarifying the veracity of any opportunities presenting themselves right now. And Saturn on this one is leaning on your work ethic –the real question right now is whether you have the moxy to commit to some good old-fashioned hard yakka, to make whatever goals matter to you actually happen!

And even if this creates a bit of a reality check about what you want vocationally vs what is actually possible in early May, which could be a tiny bit frustrating? It’s actually character building, and will only prepare you to be fully savvy when Venus hits your biz sector from the 16th and a clear eye to showing off your brilliant talent in the world to maximum advantage. Especially with Mars blowing any turgid, limiting patterns that may have been festering in your unconscious, in favour of a much more dynamic, positive can-do attitude. Excellent!

Then the Full Moon of the 19th is a chance to check in with your tribe- and whether your work/life balance is properly serving your domestic bliss & most important family/personal relationships right now?

Image: Michael Gregg of Heaven The Salon Experience in Winchester

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