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So Saturn is working some emotional discipline for your key relationships May 1st, especially the long term ones that require mindful, grown up clarity around ongoing commitments huh? This may be deeply rewarding or kinda frustrating-depending where your situation is at- but pretty good for character building interpersonal skills either way…

Especially with Mars lurking in your introverted soul sector & you’re kind of inclined to hide out in that self-protective shell of yours; where your emotional intelligence says that dealing with healthy relationship with self/healthy boundaries is a necessary pre-requisite for bonding with anyone else?

Also the New Moon of then 5th in your social sector is kind of sparking up some nice networking opportunities in the world/connections with your tribe, but to the extent you’re a bit ambivalent about human interaction early May; you’ll be more fired up to get amongst it with Mars in your sign, spectacular Venus/Uranus action in your social sector and a Full Moon in your self expression sector by the 19th. Yep, the second half of the month is a much easier ride for any connections you’re hoping to cultivate in the world.

Meanwhile Venus in your biz sector till the 16th is a pretty good energy to focus upon –if in doubt you can’t go past flaunting your talent, charm and good looks on the job in early May, for better than usual results. I mean with lucky Jupiter in your work sector all year a positive, expansive, can-do attitude to career success is your new normal –and it becomes you!

Image: Sheer Radiance pantihose advertisement

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