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So May is here, and Taurus season is particularly electrifying this time round, what with Uranus newly in Taurus & rocking our security issues sideways all over the place...

If we've ever been ready to energise and re-invent our most basic foundations from the ground up -we're so onto it this month! Especially wth Venus/Uranus in early May, our creative confidence & self expression, and certainly our love and personal relationships are in for such blast of fresh inspo, with weird & wonderful new possibilities we might not have considered before?

And Saturn inching closer to Pluto is a meeting of planetary titans, that is slowly but surely preparing us for the most primal, deeply effective personal transformation in the coming year... if in doubt, never forget that you can be the most authentic, rocking version version of yourself you want this year-so whatever you're up to don't fear any hard yakka required in terms of personal growth and don't give up now!

Especially with Jupiter activating our biggest, wildest, most visionary aspirations retrograde in his native Sagittarius. We might be feeling closer than ever to living the dream, but a little on the back foot in terms of patience required with temporary delays -again keep the moxy and faith alive, it will all pick up momentum from early August and so worth it.

Ready the May horoscopes for your sign here.

Happy May everyone x

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