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So Venus in your social sector for the first half of the month is fab for that natural, sparkly social confidence of yours. Could be great to leverage your charm for a bit of intelligent networking on the scene/hustling some professional opportunity with the old who-you-know factor? Or just having fun with your tribe & chatting up a storm for the thrill of intellectual rapport/feeling connected in the world –you love this!

And also flirting up a storm-which (admit) you’re pretty damn good at anyway. So yes, if you’re on the prowl early May is the perfect time to be out & about, reeling them in with that fascinating allure you do so well.

Or if you already have someone special; lucky Jupiter in your partnership sector is perfect for some big, expansive, open hearted connection to move forward together-loving large, with emotional generosity feels so good right now…

But meanwhile the New Moon of the 5th also suggests that you replenish your energies, in between the hustle & bustle of life/relationship demands with whatever solo time/meditation/yoga/communing with your creative muse etc fills your cup. The better to keep your cool and nicely aligned with self huh?

And then the Full Moon of the 19th focuses your attention firmly on the day job, where suddenly you’re so turned on by career goals that are both inspiring and lucrative –excellent.

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