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So the New Moon of the 5th is a nice clarification of whatever Taurus priorities have shifted since Uranus started shaking up your sign recently. You’re actually feeling clean, mean and clear as a bell right now; so what better time to set beautiful intentions for the coming month huh?

Especially with Mercury in your sign syncing Uranus from the 7th-10th, your mental brilliance is pretty much incandescent with amazing new schemes, dreams and liberating new perspectives about your life! It’s no time to hang back in boring complacency baby; you’re in accelerated evolution mode so might as well get with the programme and embrace your best intelligently innovative, game changing attitude to pretty much everything this month… I mean it’s Taurus season –what better time to embrace your best version of being yourself!

Also because Venus in your sign is where you get to swan around being your most gorgeous, talented, charismatic self; you’re hot property and you know it, you’re ready to show off your creative genius in the world…

And your romantic wiles are so on point. Especially with a nice Venus/Mars trine mid month and lucky Jupiter in your intimacy sector, lovely seduction with an easy emotional flow feels so natural right now.

Extra especially with the Full Moon of the 19th in your relationship sector, your romantic intelligence is perfectly tuned to spooky emotional intuition with someone special, to maybe deepen the connection/explore some conversation that’s been brewing for a while? Or if single, more likely to manifest a worthwhile, promising attraction and reel them in with your best intoxicating, flirty repartee -you suave little fox!

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