Yes 2019 is a bold new chapter in our lives, and February is here to pick up the pace & keep us moving right along.. We have Venus in Capricorn meeting Saturn mid month, for the most genius, pragmatic take on manifesting our true desires. And the sooner we ditch any limiting, stale old attachments that have been getting us nowhere lately, the sooner we can do the work to embrace the very cool, realistically exciting goals and opportunities that are soon ready to rock our world. It's not so much handed to us on a requires our best, intentional discipline but so worth it to live how we want to... Because Mars dragging Uranus into Taurus from late Feb/early March onwards (for several


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING The New Moon of the 5th is a particularly brilliant, fresh emotional perspective; as it pulls Venus into your sign, for a month ahead of turning you on with all the usual Venusian inspiration: The Capricorn charisma, beauty, glamour, charm, talent, creative expression, romantic wiles, sexy pulling power and generally harmonious relationship skills are all lit up like a light bulb here; so excellent for strutting around feeling gorgeous, manifesting beautiful things and embracing your most rewarding connections, of course. Yeah baby, it’s your season to shine! But we also need to talk about the fact that this New Moon is in your income sector, and with Mercury invol


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So to the extent Uranus has just spent several years shaking up your creative/talent sector? It’s helped you to play with, and explore the full range of your personal potential –and even if it’s been a bit of a roller coaster exploring different options, you now have a clearer handle on what you’re really, truly good at, what actually turns you on in terms of expressing your true self in the world -and what you want to do about that? Yes, and especially with Jupiter, your lucky ruling planet in Sag this year you totally, absolutely have the brilliant moxy to back yourself on whatever you want to do & who you want to be in the world, with the most brilliant conf


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING So the New Moon of the 5th alerts you to the fact that yes, your personal life matters –and how to score the emotional wellbeing you’re craving right now? And sure, being in your domestic sector the importance of a decent home base where you can be yourself & sane family/co-hab relations are totally on your agenda in early Feb… But what really turns you on is Mars into your partnership sector from Feb 14th –(valentines day no less) -to bring on all the passionate chemistry & ardent sexy action that you thrive upon -you adore this genuine intensity in your love life! Whether it’s the thrill of the chase with someone new on your radar, if you happen to be looking? Whethe


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING The New Moon of the 5th sets you up for the month beautifully, being in your creative, talent, self-expression, play & romance sector and all (your favourite preoccupations). So you are feeling into the most brilliant, confident, positive sense of yourself right now, and so you should you gorgeous thing.... So what to do with all this delicious self-belief? How about the explosive Mars/Uranus action exposing any interpersonal dynamics that need your attention mid Feb? Because to the extent Uranus has been shaking up your love/partnership paradigm for the last several years; it may have been quite a roller coaster but also a more liberating, authentic attitude toward the k


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING The New Moon of the 5th inspired you to pull yourself together with healthy lifestyle choices & clear professional intentions to come at Feb as best as you can -and of course no one cleans up their act like a Virgo. When you decide on a course of action you tend to stick with the programme and get it right; and early Feb is primo time to finesse the plan and control freak the details of whatever you want to do with your life right now –you love this! And you do want to be ready to roll; because Mars into your adventure sector from mid Feb awakens such visceral restlessness within you, to energise whatever big, visionary plans you have been brewing lately. Whether it’s tak


LEO/LEO RISING So how about February beginning with the New Moon of the 5th in your relationship sector, with lucky Jupiter in your romance sector and magical, dreamy Neptune in your sex/intimacy sector? Um… all fired up about your most passionate love life much? Maybe you’re already madly in love/maybe you’re happily partnered/maybe single (lovelorn?), but some spooky new attraction soon has you fascinated? One way or the other your romantic antennae is likely to be fully stimulated this month… and all fired up to woo, thrill, seduce, intoxicate, and maybe even pursue next level commitment in this gorgeously promising/fulfilling connection… And I tell you what, nobody makes their love inter


CANCER/CANCER RISING So how about Uranus in your vocational sector for the last seven years, where a series of clever little life tweaks -and ok radical upheaval where necessary- have added up to such an inspired, drastically game changing new chapter of your overall life plan/career paradigm that you couldn’t possibly have predicted several years ago huh? And as you reflect on how far you’ve come already, Uranus switching signs from March reminds you how many cool new aspirations, lifestyle options & social networking with your true tribe you have set yourself up to enjoy; the better to rock your world & keep evolving over the next several years… no boring ruts for you babe, you’re on the m


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING Is it true that you guys are amongst the extroverts of the zodiac? I mean your sparkly, engaging personality and total love of verbal stimulation indicates that you thrive on external, social stimulation. But also being a mutable sign you have that complex, hidden side that defies easy analysis and needs plenty of space to do your own thing to tune into that mysterious muse of yours that not everyone else gets... you are a bit of an enigma, I’ll give you that. And I’m only bringing this up to the extent Uranus has been hyper-stimulating your social butterfly charisma out & about on the scene & sense of belonging amongst your tribe for the last several years… and now your


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING Ok so change god Uranus has been flirting with your sign for a while now; and you have presumably been feeling a restless, hungry yearning …for something different…but not quite sure what to do about it just yet? Oh yes, your premonitions of a game changing new chapter are real –and Uranus busting into your sign from early March sets the pace/reveals a clue about how the next several years of glorious, liberating personal growth, unexpected opportunities & new horizons are likely to play out for you. Meanwhile, Mars on Uranus then into your sign mid Feb fires up your most positive, future oriented lust for life perfectly. Get out there and seize the day, every day and ri


ARIES/ARIES RISING Well electrifying change-god Uranus in your sign for the last 7 years has been a trip, right? You have presumably reinvented yourself a million times, managed to embrace some kind of liberated new approach to life and bravely dealt with all manner of upheavals with your own, inimitable determination to thrive no matter what. So well done you! And as Uranus prepares to finally get out of your hair from early March; you get to reflect on just how far you’ve come; in terms of spunky personal growth and looking forward to fresh, clean, beautiful new possibilities in your life in 2019. So how about your ruler, Mars, hitting up Uranus Feb 14th for a brilliant clue about the next


PISCES/PISCES RISING Venus into your social sector from the 4th is a fresh, sparkly charisma and show-pony confidence, which is nice. Especially if you have some beautiful friendships to love up, advantageous social networking to hustle or brilliant talent you want to get out there just for the thrill of creative expression? So it’s a fab time to get amongst it and shine your gorgeous light in the world… And also a nice counterpoint to the New Moon of the 5th in your soul sector –a call to step back, look within for a moment and reflect on the quality of your relationship with self. A bit of regenerative solo time to commune with your muse/creative inspo/align with your spiritual calling cou


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING The Aqua New Moon of the 5th is a great time to pull yourself together; in the sense of aligning your spiritual imperatives and values with a practical income/financial plan that supports your expansive, positive personal growth long term. Although ‘practical’ may be be too strong a word for your financial situation here, lol. I mean with Neptune involved the danger is totally flaky/hare brained thinking, dodgy schemes or slinking around tryna swindle some stoopid scenario? So best choose the high road with Neptune -finely tuned instincts that you actually listen to & manifesting your most idealistic dreams with genuine clarity? So ok, there’s a fine line between the


Total Leo Lunar Eclipse coming at us, exact 3.15pm Jan 21st, AEDT. So Leo Full Moons are always a powerful emotional imperative to feel everything with full, vibrant, self aware authenticity. Whatever is coming up for us we want to keep it magnificently real, because it's good to feel alive in terms of knowing, and courageously owning exactly who we are and what we want out of life in any given situation right now. Which is lucky, because with Uranus squaring this Moon quite a lot could be coming up for us, actually. Spontaneous realisations about our own needs/wild mood swings/changes of mind and swiftly changing circumstances/weird, unexpected situations to trigger our 'issues' /thrillin


So one of the great things about January is the lovers, Venus & Mars, travelling in gorgeous synchronicity with one another... and when the planetary lovers are getting along so well, it can only bode well for the lovers amongst us, right? This is a trine aspect, which is pretty flowing and easeful for romance at the best of times; it allows a free and expansive exchange of romantic energy without too much complicated nonsense. And especially with fire signs involved, it's extra hot-blooded and passionate to turn is on... I mean Venus in Sagittarius, in sync with Sag ruler Jupiter is such magnificent romantic courage, trine Mars in his most ardent, sexually fervent element of Aries? Ooh la l


So how is everyone's 2019 shaping up so far? It's a kind of dynamic new energy to get over the usual excuses, pick ourselves up from the delays/discontent of last year & set clear new intentions right? The better to attract more promising opportunities and, importantly, seize them when they do turn up! Sun conjunct Pluto today is a nice little inspo to get our best personal transformation on. And hopefully preparing us for the game-changing chance to bust out of our tired comfort zones & thrive more effectively; with an open mind to more liberated ways of doing things as Uranus shakes up our Taurus status quo from early May onwards... And I love the 4 of Cups- is one of my favourite tarot ca


Image; Bohemian Diesel. Wild Texas Rose Venus into Sag from January 8th till Feb 3rd, to claim a wilder, untamed version of the feminine principle for a while. Venus is about values, and the primary value of Sag is to be free -and I mean really autonomous/captain of our own destiny/ wildling freedom to live on our own terms truly unencumbered by societal expectations/other people's controlling crap or our own limiting beliefs about ourselves. The way forward with Sag Venus is follow the beat of our own drum with a truly liberated attitude about how we live, look, love and express ourselves. Especially with a spectacular meeting between Venus and expansive Sag ruler Jupiter mid Jan, we are i


Capricorn New Moon coming up, exact 11.28am Jan 6th AEDT, and its a partial Solar Eclipse to really get our attention! New Moons are always a clear, fresh perspective on our emotional state and intentions for the coming month, and of course extra potent just as we finesse our new year resolutions for 2019. And in Capricorn we don't muck around; we keep it real with determined, pragmatic plans that are actually going to serve us in the real world as much as possible. Especially with Capricorn ruler Saturn involved we are taking a fearless emotional inventory; to check out the veracity of whatever is motivating us right now and reality check our plans/desires/habitual behaviour big time. Which


So Mars charging into his home turf of Aries bang on Jan 1st (until mid Feb) has got to be auspicious for our powerful momentum into the New Year, right? Mars rules our most basic vitality, lust for life, capacity for healthy assertiveness/anger and raw energy to drive forward whatever matters to us; and and this placement unleashes his most pure, unadulterated, fiercely dynamic, libidinous impatience to get on with it right fuqing now. OMG Mars loves being in Aries! And so do we love the permission this gives us to grab our desires/ambitions/personal imperatives and make them happen through the sheer force of our will and personal determination to thrive... whatever turns us on & makes us f