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So the New Moon of the 5th alerts you to the fact that yes, your personal life matters –and how to score the emotional wellbeing you’re craving right now? And sure, being in your domestic sector the importance of a decent home base where you can be yourself & sane family/co-hab relations are totally on your agenda in early Feb…

But what really turns you on is Mars into your partnership sector from Feb 14th –(valentines day no less) -to bring on all the passionate chemistry & ardent sexy action that you thrive upon -you adore this genuine intensity in your love life!

Whether it’s the thrill of the chase with someone new on your radar, if you happen to be looking? Whether it’s a hot seduction opportunity with all the fireworks, to rock your world? Whether it’s a more courageous intimacy with somebody you love and care about? And ok, even if you need to pick a fight with someone who is doing your head in – to clear the air/re-connect/move on whatever for healthy progress in your life? Yep, it’s all statistically more likely this month –hallelujah.

And this is a big deal because it’s only a taste of Uranus turning up from March, to electrify and blow your whole relationship paradigm out of the water for the next several years. Yep it’s increasingly relevant to allow your partnership/connection with someone special the oxygen to evolve, with wildly authentic new versions of moving forward together. Or make up/break up season if necessary. Or crazy, bang on synchronicity to meet someone game changing. Or perhaps a series of potential contenders to shake it up? Or the thrill of being single/a free agent to do your own thing as you please? Oh my, it looks exciting either way.

Because the point is that the open minded, flexible romantic alacrity required of you now may seem at odds with your native tendency toward brooding intensity/control freakery/drama & sex addiction –I mean no offence but you can be one obsessive unit, lol. But also nobody does courageous, emotionally transformative love & personal growth like you; and the liberating vibe here could be just the thing to lighten your emotional load and have a bit of healthy fun with love, huh? Amazing.

Then the Full Moon of the 20th is great for your sparkling confidence on the social scene; & a lovely time to get amongst it just for the pure joy of being you in the world!

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