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The New Moon of the 5th is a particularly brilliant, fresh emotional perspective; as it pulls Venus into your sign, for a month ahead of turning you on with all the usual Venusian inspiration:

The Capricorn charisma, beauty, glamour, charm, talent, creative expression, romantic wiles, sexy pulling power and generally harmonious relationship skills are all lit up like a light bulb here; so excellent for strutting around feeling gorgeous, manifesting beautiful things and embracing your most rewarding connections, of course. Yeah baby, it’s your season to shine!

But we also need to talk about the fact that this New Moon is in your income sector, and with Mercury involved some pretty sharp, intelligent ideas about making good coin are likely to be focusing your attention-which you love. So how good is Venus meeting Saturn in your sign mid month, to finesse your native, pragmatic genius to next level biz/financial/creative savvy; to make whatever you desire in the world happen for real! Yes it could be time, for sure,

And with Venus involved, whatever you desire romantically is also on the cards; but a bit of constructive realism goes a long way here…you are so much more likely to be evaluating the veracity of your crush/attraction/relationship:

If it’s for real it may have significant, deeply rewarding gravitas for your future love life, actually; and you get the value of doing the work, slowly but surely to get it right with time. Or if this thing is revealing basic flaws/frustrations that are holding you back… you clock this with sober emotional discipline and check how much energy you are investing/or not accordingly, huh? And especially if you are seriously involved, this is a great time to cultivate the basic compatibility that brought you together in the first place?

Then Mars charging into your play sector mid Feb, followed closely by Uranus in March is permission to have so much more fun in the coming several years of your life... Doing stuff you truly enjoy/bold creative confidence in the world/having a good time with loved ones just because it’s good for your soul? Yes, you increasingly give yourself permission to do just that –it’s going to become your new normal!

Image; photorapher Katrinshulga Mua, Model Alana Mamaeva

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