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The New Moon of the 5th sets you up for the month beautifully, being in your creative, talent, self-expression, play & romance sector and all (your favourite preoccupations). So you are feeling into the most brilliant, confident, positive sense of yourself right now, and so you should you gorgeous thing....

So what to do with all this delicious self-belief?

How about the explosive Mars/Uranus action exposing any interpersonal dynamics that need your attention mid Feb? Because to the extent Uranus has been shaking up your love/partnership paradigm for the last several years; it may have been quite a roller coaster but also a more liberating, authentic attitude toward the key relationships in your life, huh? And Mars on the scene recently has had you all fired up to do something about it…

And Mars picks up the pace from mid Feb; for the nitty gritty power trips, empowering self expression & passionate chemistry in any love/sex/biz/money or family politic scenarios in your life to gather momentum with a bit of confident moxy on your part. Oh yes, and if you think this is hot just wait till Uranus follows suit from early March to up the ante –for several years ahead of game changing, fabulous authenticity in all of your entanglements to make them feel, well, less entangled and more honest, transparent, intentional & ready for positive growth.

Meanwhile, Venus/Saturn in your mid month is a nicely inspiring, realistic approach to your best version of domestic bliss. Yes you may be more easily frustrated by any sub-par scenarios re family dynamics/the home base/where you’re living right now; but also motivated to quit whingeing and do something about it! Could be as simple as a re-decorating/feng shui bender to make your space more delicious (you love this!). Or some healthy bonding with fam/co-habs, for a more harmonious vibe to nurture everyone. Or could be addressing more serious issues in your personal life, which yes could be hard work but it’s timely to deal with constructively –and so worth it. Or perhaps a significant property/real estate deal coming up to secure your ideal lodgings –again could be challenging but I tell you what, I bet you know what you’re doing!

Image: Chung Kit Cheung hair for the style master 2013

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