March is here, it's pretty transformative & and the horoscopes are up, to guide us through... We have Saturn switching signs, from the gruelling hard work of the last 2.5 years where at least we've had literal, tangible, material goals to strive towards, to the next 2.5 years of lets say, more radical & tangential priorities to focus our personal discipline on. We are thinking about our social interactions & group karma, and whether we want to fall into line with the collective status quo (which is crumbling before our eyes, let's face it), or buck some trends and how to keep our game-changing, maverick, rebellious new attitude as constructive as possible. We have sexy Mara energising a mas


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So the spectacular astro in your sign is on the move this month –and the Capricorn mojo picks up as follows: Your ruling planet, Saturn has been in your sign since Dec 2017, to align you with your most innate, fierce strength of character under whatever duress you’ve been dealing with-so that’s been a constructive challenge. And for the last several months Saturn has joined Pluto for ready or not cleaning up your act –and especially more recently to face your demons, push through any last shreds of self-doubt and phoenix out the other side more lean, mean & powerful than ever. So yeah it’s been fuqing intense right, and you’re wondering if it’s going to get easier


SAGITTARUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING To the extent you feel life has been a bitch with Saturn in your sign and then your 2nd house of material security since early 2015, and you’re frankly over the constant personal discipline lessons & gritty financial survival stress –aargh at the end of your tether much? You’ll be thrilled to know that Saturn fuqs off from March 22nd and it finally gets a bit easier, to reap the rewards of all the hard work you’ve been persevering with all this time… So how perfect is the Full Moon of the 10th in your biz sector; in easy aspect to the spectacularly lucrative astro brewing with your lucky ruler Jupiter, Mars & Pluto in your earning sector–and Venus/Uranus in you


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING The Full Moon of the 10th stimulates your social life and bonding with your tribe –and its lovely feeling connected in the world. Could be quality time with close friends or could be party time on the scene-and btw with Neptune involved this could involve quite a bit of booze or you know, stimulants so you might want to watch that; because the point here is human connection & not so much intoxication for the sake of it, know what I mean? Also because this Moon is great for bringing your talent & creative inspo to full, confident expression -and you ideally stay clear about how to network with a bit of shameless self-promotion, to shine in the world & maybe some cool pr


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING Uranus in your primal 8th house recently has awakened your most raw, libidinous life force with an electrifying new lust for life, and Venus taps into this around the 9th to connect with your sexy manifesting power. You want what you want in love, sex, deeper connection with loved ones, wealth & generally satisfying whatever desires turn you on & fuel your vitality –and you know how to make it happen! Especially if you can keep in mind the golden rule of magical manifesting –holding clear, specific intentions with a truly open mind about how/when the universe delivers and a creative, adaptable attitude to outcomes. It’s a trick worth finessing right now… Because with the F


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING So Mercury retro, out of your relationship sector from the 4th kind of temporarily shelves any love dialogues/flirty repartee you’ve been entertaining & quietly consider your next move, rather than actually forcing the issue until Mercury gets your sparkly romantic charm back on from mid month onwards. So yes, that elegant restraint you do so well works beautifully here… Which is fine, but meanwhile the Full Moon of the 10th is a magical, soulmating romantic vibe where you want to open up, express your feelings & lose yourself in the slipstream of intoxicating emotional communion. Yes & this could be exquisite, but also don’t forget with Neptune the boundaries are blurred,


LEO/LEO RISING OMG we really have to talk about the Leo career & worldly success this month, it’s all happening as follows: Mercury retro from the 4th has certain biz/financial scenarios stalling. And especially by the Full Moon of the 10th Neptune can be beautifully inspired collaborative ventures and/or headfuq entanglements where no-one knows what the hell they’re doing -which is why you take the time to finesse the details & negotiations until Mercury gets back on track from the 16th –maybe hold off on any binding/contractual agreements until after mid March? Uranus has been shaking up your biz sector for a while, with radical new ideas about how to do what you do in the world. You’ve pr


CANCER/CANCER RISING Mercury dithering around the end of your intimacy sector for the first half of March has you finessing any tricky, unresolved dialogues, which have been playing out in your closest interpersonal/family/biz connections lately. I mean with Pluto/Saturn digging up & revealing the most primal/foundational issues in your key relationships & how to do gutsy transformation for more authentic connection, there’s bound to be some shifting dynamics you need to talk about & sort out… So the Full Moon of the 10th in your comms sector is perfect, to bring that gorgeous emotional congruence you do so well & emotionally bond with the people that matter. Especially with Saturn into you


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So Neptune in your biz sector for the Full Moon of the 10th is such magical, Visionary inspo about doing meaningful/creative stuff you love in your career. Yes, but also your ruler Mercury retro dithering around the cusp of your biz sector means you might want to check the details & hold off on any binding commitments until after the 16th… Because meanwhile this Full Moon is in your home sector, and triggering the massive astro in your sector of sex/intimacy/family/deeper relational dynamics –where you fill your cup by cultivating more authentic emotional connections in your personal life. Pluto/Saturn unearth fundamental issues around commitment/family/money/psycho sexu


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING So Uranus in your sign has been awakening your latent brilliance for a while now. To the extent your optimum potential is outside whatever comfort zone you’ve been residing in, but you’re increasingly, thrillingly aware that you’re capable of so much more than you previously thought possible? And your ruler Venus meeting Uranus around the 9th is a lightning rod for whatever innate talent, creative vision & gorgeous personal charisma most inspires you to thrive... So perfect it aligns with the Full Moon of the 10th in your talent sector; with magical Neptune daring you to play with your creativity & manifesting whatever turns you on just by the sheer power of focused self


ARIES/ARIES RISING So March begins with Chiron/Lilith meeting in your sign –which is only more poignant by the New Moon of the 24th & you come to terms with your healthy relationship with self… Chiron reveals those nagging wounds around self worth (we’ve all got them) –like when you wake up at 3am berating yourself over every mistake you’ve ever made or tripping yourself up with self sabotage behaviour just when you’re about to succeed at something, because you inexplicably don’t believe you really deserve it? And this requires a deeply compassionate attitude toward your own foibles for genuine self-acceptance, warts & all. Because also Lilith is the bitchingly brilliant confidence to deal w


PISCES/PISCES RISING So Mercury retro in & out of your sign for the frost half of March & Saturn in your soul sector has you wondering if you’re actually an introvert or extrovert or what? As in you’re filling your cup by hiding out alone & dong regenerative communion/cosmic connection with your inner muse–yes this is important. But also the massive astro in your social sector has you busting to get out there & network/express yourself on the scene, because connection with the tribe/friends who get you & challenge you to walk your talk with full authenticity is so damn energising right now. Especially from the 16th, Mercury unleashes your social butterfly charm on the world with lovely clari


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING So we have to talk about Saturn in Aqua from March 22nd –omg the most conservative planet of all pulling the ‘grow the fuq up’ card on the moat radical sign of all, what could possibly go wrong lol. Ok so jokes aside, Saturn is coming and the inevitable, character-building lessons about maturity, accountability in the world and personal responsibility for building the material foundation you desire are on, ready or not for the next few years. Adulting 101 much? Whether this triggers your rebellious instincts, and reacting to any so called authority figures suddenly trying to control-freak your vibe/resisting the ‘straight world’ of responsibilities encroaching upon y


Pisces New Moon, exact 1.31am Feb 24th AEDT. New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective and in Pisces we're super sensitive -to the point of emotional overwhelm or exquisitely heightened intuition. ..or both? it's a fine line with Pisces, to stay clear & work the subtle energies; discerning between the random feelings rising up around us, riding the waves as they come whilst remaining tuned in to our higher emotional/spiritual intelligence about what it all means. Because Pisces is also weird, wonderful & magical-with lots of cosmic, tangential inspo if we can divine the mystical guidance calling our name right now.... Because the thing about this Moon is pulling together such a sp


Mars powered Leo Full Moon coming up, exact 5.33pm Feb 9th AEDT -yay finally some firepower to turn us on & have some fun... Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings we've been dealing with all month, and in Leo it's our hot blooded lust for life, passionate love action & brilliant creativity we feel the need to get an emotional handle on & fully express in the world. Especially with the heavy Pluto/Saturn, hard yakka transformation process of late, we've earned a primal connection with our deepest vitality -which is amazing but gah it's been such disciplined, gritty work to keep it together right? So this Moon is brilliant to harness our fresh determination to thrive, with spu


So Venus, Lilith & Ceres are aligning this week, which represent 3 of the most common archetypes traditionally associated with the feminine principle:⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Venus is the desirable lover, glamorous muse, magnet for sexy attraction energy & harmonious romantic relating, and also fully inspired, beautiful creative inspo. She is our divine, yummy, intoxicating desire nature in all it’s delicious glory.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Lilith is the bitch goddess who doesn’t give a fuq what anyone thinks of her-the truly free spirit who relates to wild things everywhere & won’t give up her witchy autonomy for anyone thank you very much-she’s our permission to be gloriously, fiercely true to our most primal selves on our


So after the drastic paradigm shifts/upheaval of Pluto/Saturn exact in January,-which are still fully playing out but hopefully ebbing away a bit in intensity; Feb is where we get to settle down a bit, regroup & come to terms with how 2020 seems to be playing out thus far... And the February scopes are up to help us figure out where we are at: We have lucky Jupiter edging ever closer to the explosive Pluto/Saturn scenario during Feb, to build our confidence for a positive take on all this hardcore transformation we're going through & looking forward some fab, empowering, lucrative rewards when Jupiter meets Pluto in late March.... yay to keeping our settings optimistic! We have Venus/Lilith/


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING So the Full Moon of the 9th is all about cultivating your subtle emotional intelligence, to navigate the deeper, more complex dynamics going down in your closest personal connections. You’re kind of genius at low-key letting your loved ones reveal their feelings/vent etc -with the kind of caring understanding that bonds you with the people that matter, whilst resisting the temptation to react to any tricky provocation from the usual, difficult suspects. Because Mars involved is lovely for the kind of passionate connection that you don’t have to force or prove anything –the Destiny Point has brought certain key relationships into your life for a reason, and this Moo


SAGITTARiUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So with Pluto/Saturn recently at flashpoint reality-check in your income/security sector, you’ve been kind of preoccupied with basic material imperatives… aargh survival issues much? It’s been like sink or thrive crisis point financially, but when it comes to the crunch you are always going to choose lucrative settings. Because as much as you’re kind of famous for bonkers/edgy/stoopid budget skills (lets face it); you actually can’t bear the tedium of feeling broke & at the end of the day your optimistic abundance consciousness wins out, no matter how hard you have to work for it right? So yeah it’s been a challenging, gutsy vibe to just stay afloat/pay the bil


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING The Full Moon of the 9th fires up your professional synapses, which is a pretty cool way to start the month with great instincts about your next manoeuvre to advance the Scorpio career. Because you’re fully ambitious but also aware of finessing the work/life balance so that you get to work towards rewarding job satisfaction AND a fulfilling personal life, as opposed to flogging yourself with the daily grind just for the sake of it –know what I mean? Especially with Venus/Lilith/Chiron in your work sector & Mars in your earning sector early Feb. You are taking no crap from anyone nor indulging your own self-defeating daily habits – the better to focus your precious ener