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So Neptune in your biz sector for the Full Moon of the 10th is such magical, Visionary inspo about doing meaningful/creative stuff you love in your career. Yes, but also your ruler Mercury retro dithering around the cusp of your biz sector means you might want to check the details & hold off on any binding commitments until after the 16th…

Because meanwhile this Full Moon is in your home sector, and triggering the massive astro in your sector of sex/intimacy/family/deeper relational dynamics –where you fill your cup by cultivating more authentic emotional connections in your personal life.

Pluto/Saturn unearth fundamental issues around commitment/family/money/psycho sexual scenarios as the case may be –it’s a reality check to clarify where you stand! And Mars/Jupiter bring the positive, lusty confidence to get fully passionate about the connections that turn out to be real under these stars-get ready, if it’s real it’s real, know what I mean?

Then Mercury forward in your biz sector from the 16th brings the focus back to smart strategies re the career plan –you get to finesse the process for more professional momentum for the second half of March, ideally to prepare for the fully inspiring opportunities of Mercury/Neptune by April 4th –maybe stay tuned for that

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 24th stimulates your natural charisma out on the party/networking/friends scene –which let’s face it is your natural habitat. Chiron has you wondering who to hang with/how to connect with the tribe who really get you-because you are such a social creature it’s important to feel connected to your fellow humans. And Lilith says the more you strut around with bitchingly authenticity & could give a fuq what anyone thinks because you’re busy being true to yourself to be honest, the more you attract the crew who love that about you & have your back –perfect.

But there’s also nothing wrong with a bit of downtime to fill your cup in between the social fraternising, take the time to replenish your energy with some inner communion, creative inspo, meditation etc if you can.

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