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So the spectacular astro in your sign is on the move this month –and the Capricorn mojo picks up as follows:

Your ruling planet, Saturn has been in your sign since Dec 2017, to align you with your most innate, fierce strength of character under whatever duress you’ve been dealing with-so that’s been a constructive challenge. And for the last several months Saturn has joined Pluto for ready or not cleaning up your act –and especially more recently to face your demons, push through any last shreds of self-doubt and phoenix out the other side more lean, mean & powerful than ever. So yeah it’s been fuqing intense right, and you’re wondering if it’s going to get easier anytime soon?

Yes! Mars & Jupiter approaching Pluto all month is an increasingly confident, exuberant attitude rising up- to embrace all this hard-core personal transformation as something wonderfully positive, as opposed to the kind of heavy, hard work you’ve been struggling with so far? Yay, and especially when Saturn gets out of your hair from the 22nd, just as Mars/Jupiter/Pluto reach peak realisation of your own magnificent personal potential…

March is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for, baby. By late month you could suddenly be so aware of the fab possibilities opening out in front of you to thrive in this new chapter of your life –and the satisfaction that you’ve fully earned it… well done you!

Also because meanwhile, the Full Moon of the 10th has you keyed into the broader, expansive life plan. You’re fully inspired and full of visionary ideas that you know how to magically manifest, just by keeping your focus crystal clear. So for goodness sake don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts & intentions right now, huh?

Also it must be said that Mara/Pluto in your sign is pretty goddamn sexy for your seductive, romantic charisma. You’re libidinous as fuq, feeling passionate & on the prowl… And with Venus/Uranus cooking up some wild, spontaneous action in your romance sector and the Destiny Point calling you to a more meaningful love with long term potential in your partnership sector; looks like Capricorn mating season is on!

Image: Paoli Roversi

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