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To the extent you feel life has been a bitch with Saturn in your sign and then your 2nd house of material security since early 2015, and you’re frankly over the constant personal discipline lessons & gritty financial survival stress –aargh at the end of your tether much? You’ll be thrilled to know that Saturn fuqs off from March 22nd and it finally gets a bit easier, to reap the rewards of all the hard work you’ve been persevering with all this time…

So how perfect is the Full Moon of the 10th in your biz sector; in easy aspect to the spectacularly lucrative astro brewing with your lucky ruler Jupiter, Mars & Pluto in your earning sector–and Venus/Uranus in your work sector for a sudden, game changing new perspective on working your unique creative brilliance, talent & charm on the day job to full advantage!

Yes you’re shaking off the ennui of whatever restrictive circumstances/hard yakka have been doing your head in recently – I mean if you’ve ever been tempted to give up on your dreams cos just too hard it’s been pretty heavy in the last few years -but luckily that’s not your game. You’ve been persevering against the odds cos that’s what you do, as the most determinedly positive sign of all no matter what right?

Well done you. And by the New Moon of the 24th in your talent sector syncing Venus charisma in your work sector with Jupiter/Pluto/Mars in your earning sector and the Destiny Point in your financial negotiations sector –omg you are so, so ready to shine, thrive & claim whatever rewarding, successful outcomes matter to you right now. Stay sharp, you are so close to nailing it you little success machine you!

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 24th is also beautifully romantically inspiring. I mean to the extent you have had any tricky wounding around love recently, Chiron is lovely healing energy to bond with intelligent vulnerability, sensitivity & mutual compassion-bless. And Lilith brings the confidence to face any shadow emo coming up here, deal with it and meet your lover as an equal, with the mutual respect & authenticity that re-ignites the spunky passion between you. Or if single, meet someone spunky you feel you can be fully raw & real with which is such a turn on of course.

Especially with this Moon syncing the Destiny Point in your intimacy sector. Any love action coming up is more likely than usual to be sexually hot, satisfying, way more deep & meaningful emotionally; and also powerful & enduring enough to keep evolving with very real, long term potential -permission granted to love like you mean it!

Image: Dewi Driegen By Enrique Badulescu For Uk Elle

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