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The Full Moon of the 10th stimulates your social life and bonding with your tribe –and its lovely feeling connected in the world. Could be quality time with close friends or could be party time on the scene-and btw with Neptune involved this could involve quite a bit of booze or you know, stimulants so you might want to watch that; because the point here is human connection & not so much intoxication for the sake of it, know what I mean?

Also because this Moon is great for bringing your talent & creative inspo to full, confident expression -and you ideally stay clear about how to network with a bit of shameless self-promotion, to shine in the world & maybe some cool professional/social collaborations-especially with Venus/Uranus creative buzz in your partnership sector. Yes you are an extrovert, people person right now & not so much Scorpy brooding in the corner keeping them at bay –lol who would have thought?

Meanwhile with Saturn/Pluto in your comms sector lately you have been drilling down on your core belief systems & suggesting you purge any judgemental ideas about who you’re meant to be, or toxic dialogues that frankly no longer serve you & have become a drain on your mental energy.

Especially with any heavy, Saturnine mental stress lifting from the 22nd just in time for Mars/Jupiter/Pluto to bring a fiercely positive, transformative perspective. You really get how the quality of your thoughts & words create your reality, and you love the reminder that you are the supreme creatrix of your own life –this is your thing!

The better to lighten the fuq up, to be honest –stop brooding on defunct crap you can’t control & focus on fresh, productive new intentions that can be shared with the people who get it, and actually manifest them in the world.

Cue the New Moon of the 24th in your work sector, to finesse the day job/professional opportunities to best advantage. Lilith -who is basically your patron saint in terms of spunky, take no crap attitude- says your rebellious spirit, tendency to hold your own & buck the system with so-called radical ideas is your point of difference, to stand out from the crowd & shine in the world. And Chiron says guess what –the best way to keep up with your own professional momentum is good health! Looking after your physical temple with positive, healthy lifestyle choices that nurture your overall wellbeing & vitality is seriously your best strategy to thrive right now huh?

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