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Uranus in your primal 8th house recently has awakened your most raw, libidinous life force with an electrifying new lust for life, and Venus taps into this around the 9th to connect with your sexy manifesting power. You want what you want in love, sex, deeper connection with loved ones, wealth & generally satisfying whatever desires turn you on & fuel your vitality –and you know how to make it happen!

Especially if you can keep in mind the golden rule of magical manifesting –holding clear, specific intentions with a truly open mind about how/when the universe delivers and a creative, adaptable attitude to outcomes. It’s a trick worth finessing right now…

Because with the Full Moon of the 10th in your soul sector it’s not so much obvious, immediate progress in the world, as connection with your inner powerhouse of spiritual/creative/shamanic inspo that charges your batteries, sharpens your intuition & aligns you with whatever weird & wonderful possibilities are flowing through your life this month.

And with the Destiny Point in your biz sector triggering the lucrative earning buzz of Venus/Uranus, watch out for kooky, yet sparkly clear clues about monetising your true vocational calling in the world huh?

Meanwhile Pluto/Saturn digging into the domestic/familial dynamic lately have revealed any emotional skeletons in the closet/gnarly interpersonal issues you need to deal with at home –a tad challenging much? And well done you for doing the work, because with Saturn moving on from the 22nd you are freer of certain emotional baggage & it feels so good to let it go!

The better to grab the fresh, positive vibe of Mars/Jupiter turning up, to energise your personal life with renewed vigour & authenticity, including more meaningful, honest relationships that also allow the space to do your own thing as you need.

Cue the New Moon of the 24th in your love sector with a beautifully romantic Venus/Neptune aspect, Chiron healing your prime connections with gentle compassion & mutual understanding and Lilith brings the spunky meeting of equals that fuels sexy, robust passion with your lover. Nice one!

Image; Paolo Roversi

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