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So Mercury retro, out of your relationship sector from the 4th kind of temporarily shelves any love dialogues/flirty repartee you’ve been entertaining & quietly consider your next move, rather than actually forcing the issue until Mercury gets your sparkly romantic charm back on from mid month onwards. So yes, that elegant restraint you do so well works beautifully here…

Which is fine, but meanwhile the Full Moon of the 10th is a magical, soulmating romantic vibe where you want to open up, express your feelings & lose yourself in the slipstream of intoxicating emotional communion. Yes & this could be exquisite, but also don’t forget with Neptune the boundaries are blurred, loved ones are weird & misunderstandings can spin out of control at warp speed –watch out!

Especially with Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Mars intensity brewing in your romance sector -passionate fireworks are volatile as fuq & could go any which way…

So let’s keep an eye on the New Moon of the 24th, inviting a more subtle, nuanced communion with your loved ones. Chiron is an intelligent vulnerability that seeks healing intimate space, sensitive mutual understanding, healthy co-operation & finessing your lovely relationship skills. And Lilith keeps it real; your instincts are bang on about when to love authentically with the maturity & strength to handle one another’s flaws, warts & all and when to draw the line, hold your boundaries, take no crap & resist the temptation to do bitchy/critical control freakery on one another –know what I mean?

Meanwhile, Saturn into your practical 6th house from the 22nd strengthens your intentions in your natural domain of good health, clean living, effective work ethic & suave life skills –you love this! I mean ok Saturn can exacerbate the Virgo tendency to micromanage the details, obsessive perfectionism, workaholic burnout & and any stress related health issues that come from that, with your highly-strung nervous system & all -so you might want to watch that, obviously.

You’ve got over 2 years coming up to focus on the most positive, life-affirming strategies to cultivate your optimum physical wellbeing, job satisfaction & material success with a savvy, sustainable daily routine that works for you –time to thrive on your own terms baby, you know you can!

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