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Mercury dithering around the end of your intimacy sector for the first half of March has you finessing any tricky, unresolved dialogues, which have been playing out in your closest interpersonal/family/biz connections lately.

I mean with Pluto/Saturn digging up & revealing the most primal/foundational issues in your key relationships & how to do gutsy transformation for more authentic connection, there’s bound to be some shifting dynamics you need to talk about & sort out…

So the Full Moon of the 10th in your comms sector is perfect, to bring that gorgeous emotional congruence you do so well & emotionally bond with the people that matter. Especially with Saturn into your intimacy sector from the 22nd it’s important to say what you mean with any brewing commitments right now –because you want to back it up & walk your talk on whatever you’re on about now long term, know what I mean?

Especially romance- with Mars in your love sector this month, you’re pretty ardent & totally turned on by the thrill of the chase -and also the courage to go deeper & embrace the most meaningful, real passion you can. Extra especially with lucky Jupiter on a sexy Mars/Pluto aspect around the 23rd –mating season is on & baby it’s hot!!

Then the New Moon of the 24th pulls you attention to the Cancerian brilliant career – I mean in sharp aspect to the Destiny Point in your sign there’s never been a better time to get our head around your most bang-on, crystal clear vocational calling. Perhaps you sharpen your intentions around whatever you already do, to pursue it more effectively and/or some cool, new professional growth opportunity presents itself & just feels so right?

Because ok Chiron involved here might reveal any professional insecurities on your part or problematic issues at work you need to address, but only because you’re so darn ready & equipped to sort it out & get on with success as the unique, kooky, creatively brilliant, high functioning, weirdo that you are huh? Especially with Lilith involved you do what you do on your own, bitchingly authentic terms & it’s probably not to everyone’s taste –but you could give a fuq what anyone thinks because the more you follow the beat of your own drum the more the people who get it adore you & you carve your very own niche in the world-yes!

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