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So Uranus in your sign has been awakening your latent brilliance for a while now. To the extent your optimum potential is outside whatever comfort zone you’ve been residing in, but you’re increasingly, thrillingly aware that you’re capable of so much more than you previously thought possible? And your ruler Venus meeting Uranus around the 9th is a lightning rod for whatever innate talent, creative vision & gorgeous personal charisma most inspires you to thrive...

So perfect it aligns with the Full Moon of the 10th in your talent sector; with magical Neptune daring you to play with your creativity & manifesting whatever turns you on just by the sheer power of focused self-belief and keeping it positive, life affirming & fun!

Especially with Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Mars in your vision sector, you’ve got a powerful, life-affirming sense of adventure about life –and not just flitting about for the sake of it but the kind of challenging new experiences that require a bit of gutsy personal growth to discover, & flex your muscles –just because it feels so good to expand your sense of what you’re capable of.

And with Mara energising a lucrative Pluto/Jupiter aspect and prosperous Venus just as Saturn commences over 2 years in your biz sector from the 22nd, you’ve got the next level, disciplined attitude to really establish your solid professional reputation in the world. Could fierce, sexy ambition be your big turn on this month?

But also to balance out all this external, worldly momentum the New Moon of the 24th is an introspective moment in your soul sector. With Chiron/Lilith you are acutely aware of any latent wounding you are ready to heal within yourself-and I tell you what you’ve got the self-awareness to do the work to feel into some beautiful, honest emotional wellbeing & spiritual connection. Nice.

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