"Please bring strange things. Please come bringing new things. Let very old things come into your hands. Let what you do not know come into your eyes. Let desert sand harden your feet. Let the arch of your feet be the mountains. Let the paths of your fingertips be your maps and the ways you go be the lines on your palms. Let there be deep snow in your inbreathing and your outbreath be the shining of ice. May your mouth contain the shapes of strange words. May you smell food cooking you have not eaten. May the spring of a foreign river be your navel. May your soul be at home where there are no houses. Walk carefully, well loved one, walk mindfully, well loved one, walk fearl


September is here, and the scopes are up to guide us through it: The month begins with Mars newly direct and gaining momentum, for another 2 weeks in Capricorn to get a foothold on our dreams. And Uranus rocking Taurus to buck the rules if they even think about holding us back, right? Oh, and a Mars Venus square building this week for some sassy sexual/romantic tension to fire up our love lives. Lets keep it high end and keep climbing onward-the only way is up! Happy September folks x


VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Your foxy moxy really picks up from Sept 6th, with your ruler Mercury into Virgo and Saturn direct in your self expression sector, to get around with that sparkly and supremely self assured charisma that you do so well for the rest of the month-this is your thing! Certainly if you need to communicate more effectively in love/career/the world whatever right now, Mercury is bound to energise and clarify any dialogues in your life, which is handy. And specifically with the Mars/Venus love action going on, your exquisite flirtation skills are more on point than ever. Maybe your current relationship benefits from turning each other on with sexy intellectual rapport, or a thrill


LIBRA/LIBRA RISING Well hellooooo to your luscious ruler Venus, joining lucky Jupiter in your income sector from Sept 10th until January! Omg 4 whole months to come to terms with your full earning potential and hustle the cash you need on your own sweet terms. Because to the extent Jupiter has you fully restless & craving as much personal freedom as possible lately, Venus turning up could be just the ticket to score the kind of autonomous/creative gig that combines truly rewarding job satisfaction & earning good coin for what you actually love to do-especially with inspirational Neptune in your work sector. So just so you know, the qualities most likely to attract the lucrative opportunities


SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING Stop everything and listen up -cos mama’s about to drop some sensational astro news on you: Venus, goddess of beauty and love-who normally only spends one month in each sign-is about to grace Scorpio from Sept 10th until January! This is an epic 4 whole months of Venus ramping up your beauty, love, flirty romance, talent and lucrative biz/money moxy coming at you fast… Your natural charisma (pretty hot at the best of times) is about to go through the roof. You’re strutting around looking good, effortlessly expressing your brilliant creative genius, charming the hell out of everyone, hustling fab opportunities and generally oozing superb self-assurance for the rest of t


SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING So Venus joins your ruling planet, Jupiter in your soul sector from Sept 10th, and as she’s planning to stick around this most mysterious area of your chart till January we might as well talk about it: This is where you are a spooky little mystic -totally switched on, intuitive as hell & all about aligning your life choices with a higher sense of purpose. You thrive wherever you commune with your muse for creative inspo, commit to your yoga/meditation/spiritual/personal growth practice and look within for the wisdom to guide your way and divine connection to fill your cup. You are such a magical, visionary seeker (more than most people know); with those gypsy h


AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING So Mars is midway through an extended 6 month transit of your sign; and it’s been fun and all having the most fiery planet energising your moxy and driving you forward right? On one hand you have been getting in touch with your brilliant self-confidence, sexy charisma, amazing work ethic & fierce determination to thrive, which is excellent. But also can be kinda hectic to keep up with yourself, your extrovert presence in the world and the pressure you are placing on yourself to succeed under these stars. So Mars temporarily hiding out in your secret soul sector for the first half of Sept is a bit of a relief. Time to retreat, chill the fuq out, take some regenerative


PISCES/PISCES RISING Mars in your social sector for the first half of Sept is great for your sparkly, extrovert charisma on the social scene; mixing it up with your tribe for fun and maybe some effective networking to move forward? And might as well get amongst it whilst you can –because then Mars switches gears into your spiritual/shamanic soul sector from mid month onwards: This is the mysterious 12th house, your home turf with which you have a special affinity, being such a spooky little mystic child and all. Some might find the inner focus of this astro a bit frustrating -but you get that it’s your source of cosmic inspiration! So you’re totally going to make the most of Mars energising


ARIES/ARIES RISING Your ruler, Mars rocking your social sector this year is doing wonders for your public confidence and connecting with all the right people, huh? And for the first half of Sept he pops back into your biz sector, for a chance to leverage all that networking brilliance & hustle some kind of advantageous career opportunity… Which is particularly fab as it’s all about preparing you for the spectacular, success oriented New Moon of the 10th in your work sector. It syncs perfectly with lucrative Pluto in your biz sector and lucky Jupiter in your 8th house (your home turf for savvy financial negotiations). And Venus in your 8th house sparking up Uranus in your earning sector and t


TAURUS/TAURUS RISING The momentum of September kind of revolves around the gorgeous New Moon of the 10th, as follows: It’s in your 5th house, which is all about your fabulous, confident self-expression moxy. It’s about unlocking your own raw talent-because the more you come to terms with what you’re really good at the more you can enjoy the creative process, to get even better at it and show it off with a bit of shameless self promotion in the world. Especially as Mars doing a lengthy tour of your biz sector this year has got you so revved up with fab professional schemes, but being retro lately they’ve maybe temporarily stalled? But you’ve kept the faith and finessed the vision anyway with


CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING September begins with Mars newly direct in your sign, energising your confidence, determined work ethic and sexy charisma for the first half of the month beautifully. Especially because your ruling planet, Saturn direct in your sign from the 6th helps to focus the sheer personal power you are packing (thank you Mars) with your most astute judgement and keen eye for the most promising opportunities about to present themselves. You are so ready to go for it and thrive, with that spunky/savvy/pragmatic lust for life you do so well. Feeling hot and ready to rock much? Because I tell you what, the New Moon of the 10th is such a fab, fresh new approach to your broader li


GEMINI/GEMINI RISING So Mars retro backing into your 8th house last month may have pulled you back into some personal/financial entanglement or tricky intimate conversation you thought you were well clear of, which has maybe felt a bit tedious? But the good news is that Mars direct for the first half of Sept is actually pretty fab for untangling any sketchy/unresolved dialogues in love or money-the better to power forward with clarity and mutual goals agreed upon as transparently as possible… Especially with Venus in your romance sector syncing with Mars-bringing excellent sexual tension to fire up the chemistry in whatever relationship prospects you are looking at right now. You are a hot-b


CANCER/CANCER RISING The New Moon of the 10th in sync with positive, expansive Jupiter is a lovely, sparkly new mental clarity; where fresh plans and crystal clear communication inspire your forward momentum beautifully… Because the really brilliant news is Venus joining lucky Jupiter in your lucky 5th house until January. The 5th house is your seat of personal confidence –all about coming to terms with your innate talent, creative genius, shameless/show off self promotion in the world and playful capacity to have fun just because it feels so good to be you & be alive! So you have 4 glorious months coming up of feeling so comfortable in your own skin, prolific creative output, easy self-expr


LEO/LEO RISING So Mars spending forever in your love sector this year has your true desires fixed upon the mating/dating situation-yes, and we’ll get to that. But meanwhile, Mars popping back into your work sector may have yanked your focus back to some stalled day job scenario that temporarily demands your attention. And even if this has been a tad frustrating recently, Mars powering forward in early September sorts you out with the confident work ethic you need to get your career plans well on track. Especially with the New Moon of the 10th in your income sector in sync with lucrative Pluto, you could be looking at some earning scenario you’ve been working towards vibing totally prosperous


Full Moon in Pisces, shining bright and exact 10.56pm tonight, AEST. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emotions have been going on all month, and in oceanic Pisces our feelings are oh so big, deep and revealing. We are so switched on, with exquisitely attuned intuition and sensitivity to the undercurrents swirling around us today. If only we keep our psychic antennae on, tune in to the subtle interpersonal cues in our relationships and listen up, this Moon has such crystal clear clarity to share with us... It's the perfect time to get our magical, mystical inspiration on. Dream journalling, meditation, yoga, any spiritual practice we love, tuning into our creative muse & compassi

YEAH MERCURY out of retro BUT...

Image: Alex Prager So it's great that everyone is celebrating the end of Mercury retrograde (as of yesterday) and all. But I'm here to tell you that the 'storm phase', where planets switch directions in and out of retro are by far the most tricky part of the whole cycle! Yes Mercury has stationed direct today, but won't be moving forward for a few days; and even then I would technically wait until the trickster planet is out of 'shadow phase' (forward over the degree at which he originally turned retro) from Sept 3rd until the whole thing settles down. Until then I'd still be careful around all the Merc flashpoints of lost items (including keeping track of small pets -wierd but true), techno


So we know that Mars is midway through an extended, 6 month transit of Aquarius right now, where innovative approaches and the power of the mind trump brute force. And we know that Mars is also still retrograde -where fighting/forcing gets us nowhere but cool planning gets us everywhere... But we also need to know that Mars has now popped backwards for a brief stint in Capricorn, one of his favourite signs! Mars just loves the fierce determination & gritty work ethic of Capricorn -it's where he shines as an unstoppable success machine and so do we. Ready to go conquer the world much? But wait, hold your horses- Mars is still retrograde! Another 10 days of gathering our strength and calm calc


Image: Neil Krug Partial Eclipse New Moon in Leo coming up (8.57pm Aug 11th AEST), to finish off Eclipse Season with a fiery flourish! The sheer, fresh, positive, life affirming joy of this is bound to lift us out of any doldrums we've been feeling with so many retrograde planets lately. People are talking about the Lionsgate portal into higher consciousness this week and yes; this Eclipse places us firmly in our Leo heart centres-plugged into our own warmth, magnanimous generosity of spirit, passionate & genuinely caring connections with one another and magnificent personal self-expression of our true natures. it's a brilliant chance to shine and treat each other deliciously well for sure.


Bitch Lilith just into Aquarius-where the ultimate rebel chick goddess gets her groove on in the most revolutionary sign for the next 18 months -strap in folks, it could be a wild ride! Mythologically, the story goes that Lilith was the original wife of Adam, but the second he even thought about telling her what to do she packed her swag and charged off into the wilderness, to do her own thing fully free of so-called patriarchal control-she just won't be told! (and left Eve to do the wifey thing and vibe more obedient-and that went well, lol, but that's another story). So Lilith is a bit of an anarchist and she's so at home in Aqua, the original home of outsiders, free thinkers and anarchis


Image: Paolo Roversi Venus steps into Libra from Aug 7th-Sept 10th, and Venus adores coming home to the sign of her rulership. So to the extent the love goddess is at her most illustrious in Libra; the force is strong for all of us as we shine with our best Venusian love, romance, beauty, style, creative and moneymaking moxy. Suddenly, living with style, grace and persuasive charm is our natural thing: LOVE & ROMANCE Image: Helmut Newton In Libra we really value harmony in all of our connections, so it's a great time to cultivate a more savvy, cooperative attitude for successful relating in all areas of our life. But of course Venus in luvvy Libra is the ultimate romantic and prefers to focu