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Stop everything and listen up -cos mama’s about to drop some sensational astro news on you: Venus, goddess of beauty and love-who normally only spends one month in each sign-is about to grace Scorpio from Sept 10th until January! This is an epic 4 whole months of Venus ramping up your beauty, love, flirty romance, talent and lucrative biz/money moxy coming at you fast…

Your natural charisma (pretty hot at the best of times) is about to go through the roof. You’re strutting around looking good, effortlessly expressing your brilliant creative genius, charming the hell out of everyone, hustling fab opportunities and generally oozing superb self-assurance for the rest of the year- what’s not to love about this?

Especially as the first thing Venus does in Scorpio is hook up with her lover, Mars in your home sector and sparky Uranus in your love sector. Mid month is kind of Scorpio mating season; to heat up your cosy domestic relationship if you’re (potentially?) shacked up, or bring some wildly unexpected attraction to the boil if you’re single/on the prowl? In any case whatever love action you’re looking for right now is that much more likely to turn up-and get ready, it could be a passionate wild ride, just how you like it!

Meanwhile the New Moon if the 10th is in your social sector, so regardless of romance or whatever you are ready to shine on the social scene: attending the best parties/ like-minded networking opportunities with your tribe/bonding with dear friends who totally have your back-it’s time for beautiful, synchronistic human connection whichever way it comes…

And then the Full Moon of the 25th fires up your most excellent professional instincts. The Moon in your work sector helps to intuitively schmooze your day-job relationships (yes, best keep them sweet); because with the Destiny Point in your biz sector, I’m just saying that whatever opportunities you are busy hustling by late Sept could be supporting your long-term career goals more than you know! Think big honey, success is totally calling your name right now x

Image: Holly Wilmeth

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