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So I've been talking about mating season, with the lovers Venus & Mars dancing around each other, in unusually long close proximity from early Feb till early April. And at various times during this phase they are conjunct, for particularly intense romantic action...

So how perfect is Venus & Mars spending one day perfectly aligned, exactly conjunct in the same degree of Capricorn during their tango this month-and just happens to be Valentines Day! Yay, today is such promising, auspicious love mojo; if we are lucky enough to have somebody special to adore, or maybe a magical meeting/hook up or call from someone alluring could rock our world? Especially with Mercury on Pluto in Capricorn, we could be courageously vulnerable enough to speak our truth, in such a sexy way!

Because Capricorn love doesn't tend to be random or frivolous; it suggests deep, enduring devotion, long term commitment, practical compatibility and doing the emotional work to get along -even when challenging issues arise.

I mean whether you enjoy sentimental notions of Valentine Day romance, or think it's all a bit naff... this one could be kinda special. Happy Valentines, little lovers x

Image: Jasper Johal


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