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Let's talk about love, shall we?

Because Venus lingering in Capricorn from Nov till March is way longer than usual, which is fab for committed partnership, and taking the time to build real, sustainable connection. But also Venus retrograde, Dec 21st till Jan 28th might feel like a little backwards step in the dance of love -where we question our romantic values, the meaning of commitment and what the fuq our lover is on about right now? And ok, it could be worthwhile to suss out the dynamic, test each other a little and do the work to clarify where we stand with our partner/lover/potential new attraction.

But do we indulge control freaky, demanding power trips cos we feel insecure or give up on our passion, just because it's a bit challenging right now? Absolutely not! Things are about to get real hot & promising, so lets keep our hearts wide open, little lovers...

Venus and her lover, Mars come into conjunction every now & again, to inspire lovely romantic chemistry & powerful connection-usually for a few days or sometimes weeks at a time. These are like little mini mating seasons, to turn is on. And this year Venus & Mars get into a sexy conjunction, where they stay in orb of one another from early Feb till early April -this is such rare, extended chance to love like we mean it!

It could be as simple as feeling naturally at ease with our partner, and rekindling the passion because we remember what we adored about one another in the first place -lets make the effort, to let our special someone know how much we care! Or a love affair ramping up, with next level intimacy to get to know each other/commit more deeply. Or a sudden attraction/meeting someone promising, that you just know is going to rock your world one way or the other -and being open to it?

Or it could be more complex, with tricky love dynamics ready to be addressed because the feelings are so intense you have to deal with it, ready or not? I'm just saying, if you were ever going to wrangle the status of your entanglement, however weird; the energy is so auspicious now to figure it out, one way or the other -know what I mean?

And keep an eye on the February horoscopes, coming soon, for way more detail on the love action in your sign.

Happy mating season folks, it's coming at us soon and something to look forward to for sure xxx

Image: Morticia & Gomez, our inspirational, long term lovers.


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