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September is here and the scopes are up. Virgo season invites us to pace ourselves, with mindful progress as the dance of planets moves between retrograde and direct.

It's kind of like driving a car with skitzy brakes and accelerator-as we switch gears according to the speed we can achieve. Like as we become more aware of the right direction to take, towards our destination the momentum picks up in some ways. But we also make the time to take little breaks along the way, to consider our journey and you know, smell the roses/take in the view as we go:

So Venus direct in Leo, from Sept 4th is a chance to luxuriate in our creative, talented, charismatic and romantic radiance. We shine brightly and are totally generous, and demonstrative in our affections for one another.

Then Mercury direct from Sept 16th, in Mercury ruled Virgo. Lots of clever strategies and genius conversations start coming together, with sparkly clarity.

Also on the New Moon of Sept 15th, in a grand earth trine with Pluto retro in Capricorn and Uranus retro in Taurus-with Jupiter also newly retrograde in Taurus.

So even with such incandescent, fresh clarity driving us forward, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually? All this retro earth sign action requires us to slow down, and ground ourselves in a practical sense. Maybe actual, tangible progress is literally still a work in progress-as we take the time to cultivate our schemes & dreams, getting the details right in true Virgo style.

Healthy Ceres into Scorpio helps, to work real self care and nurturing our loved ones, on a deep emotional level. This takes patience, right?

By the Aries Full Moon of Sept 29th, maybe our impatience to get on with it arcs up? Yes but Aries ruler Mars in Libra, conjunct the South Node of working out past decisions, still playing out. The equanimity to work whatever process is unfolding, in it's own sweet time is quite the theme this month.

Happy September folks x And lots more detail for your sign, with the September scopes here.

Image: unable to find original credit, for this cool picture.


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